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Line graph
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Слайд 1

Line graph, слайд 1
IELTS Academic Writing Task 1  Created by: M.Bolsynova
Line graph

Слайд 2

Line graph, слайд 2
Learning objective:

Слайд 3

Line graph, слайд 3

Слайд 4

Line graph, слайд 4
There are 5 kinds of graphs.

Слайд 5

Line graph, слайд 5
You have to spend 20 mins in WT1 and write at least 150 words

Слайд 6

Line graph, слайд 6
The structure of Writing task 1 consists of:

Слайд 7

Line graph, слайд 7
In introduction you may paraphrase the question task

Слайд 8

Line graph, слайд 8
In overview you have to include detailed description of a graph

Слайд 9

Line graph, слайд 9
You may include your opinion when describing a graph

Слайд 10

Line graph, слайд 10
Task Overview

Слайд 11

Line graph, слайд 11

Assessment & Marking Criteria

Слайд 12

Line graph, слайд 12
Today we are going to:

Слайд 13

Line graph, слайд 13
Ideally, your essay should have 4 paragraphs:

Слайд 14

Line graph, слайд 14
The graph below shows radio and television audiences throughout the day in 1992. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.

Слайд 15

Line graph, слайд 15
The line graph illustrates the proportion of people in the UK who watched TV and listened to the radio over 24 hours from October to December 1992.

Слайд 16

Line graph, слайд 16

Overall, a significantly greater percentage of the TV audience watched in the evening while radio had the most listeners in the morning. Over the course of each day and night, more people watched TV than listened to the radio.

Слайд 17

Line graph, слайд 17
Paragraph 3:
Less than 10% of people watched TV between 1 am and 12 noon but at 4 pm this figure increased rapidly, reaching a peak of almost half the population at 8 pm. After this, the graph records a sharp decline in viewers, reaching a low of only a tiny percentage by 3 am.

Слайд 18

Line graph, слайд 18
Paragraph 4:
Radio, on the other hand, shows a very different trend. The most popular time for listeners to be tuned in was just after 8 am when around 27% of the population was listening. After a brief peak, the numbers dropped steadily to barely 2%, apart from fluctuations at around 4 pm and 10.30 pm. The percentage of listeners remained low overnight before beginning a rapid ascent from 6 am to the 8 am high.

Слайд 19

Line graph, слайд 19

Слайд 20

Line graph, слайд 20

Слайд 21

Line graph, слайд 21

Слайд 22

Line graph, слайд 22
Useful introductory expressions:  The graph shows / indicates / depicts / illustrates From the graph it is clear It can be seen from the graph As can be seen from the graph, As is shown / illustrated by the graph, Example: The graph shows the percentage of children using supplements in a place over a year. Useful time expressions:  over the next... / for the following... (for the following two months... over the next six months...) from ... to / between ... and (from June to August... between June and August...) during (during the first three months...)

Слайд 23

Line graph, слайд 23
IELTS Graduation, Student`s book, Mark Allen, Debra Powell, Dickie Dolby.
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