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World of wonders
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Слайд 1

World of wonders, слайд 1
World of wonders
работу выполнила: учитель английского языка гуо «Средняя школа №6 г. Солигорска» стефанович светлана александровна

Слайд 2

World of wonders, слайд 2
Guess what types of books the lines are taken from
1.Whatever you do, wherever you are, I will always be with you. A love story. 2.The fox was very funny. Everybody liked him at once. A book about animals. 3.’And who builds these houses?’ Frodo asked. ‘Who lives in this troll-country?’ A fantasy. 4.They decided to get their spaceship ready for the flight. They had only three hours to get to that planet. A science-fiction.

Слайд 3

World of wonders, слайд 3
Name the character , The title and the author of book
James Barrie
Peter Pan

Слайд 4

World of wonders, слайд 4
‘Mary Poppins’
Pamela Travers
Mary Poppins

Слайд 5

World of wonders, слайд 5
‘The adventures of tom sawyer’
Tom Sawyer
Mark Twain

Слайд 6

World of wonders, слайд 6
‘alice in wonderland’
Lewis Carroll

Слайд 7

World of wonders, слайд 7
‘pippi longstocking’
Astrid Lindgren

Слайд 8

World of wonders, слайд 8
‘harry potter’
Harry Potter
Joanne Rowling

Слайд 9

World of wonders, слайд 9
Guess The book character
He is very brave because he isn‘t afraid of Shere Khan. She is shy and hard-working. She works day and night. He is kind and friendly. He likes everybody. He is very funny and talkative. He thinks that he is the best at everything.
Leopold the cat

Слайд 10

World of wonders, слайд 10

Put the paragraphs of the text into logical oder

Слайд 11

World of wonders, слайд 11
What type of film is it?
‘Dracula’ ‘The Little Mermaid’ ‘The Sound of Music’ ‘Terminator’ ‘Hey! Cowboys!’ ‘Briliantovaya Ruka’
cartoon. comedy. action film. western. horror film. musical.
is a/an

Слайд 12

World of wonders, слайд 12
Match characters and films
1.Willy Wonka a) “ Home Alone” 2. Captain Jack Sparrow b) “Star Wars” 3. Kevin MacCalister c) “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” 4. Dorothy d) “Titanic’ 5. Luke Skywalker i) “The Pirates of the Caribbean” 6. Jack Dawson f) “The Wizard of Oz”

Слайд 13

World of wonders, слайд 13
1.Willy Wonka c) “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” 2. Captain Jack Sparrow i) “The Pirates of the Caribbean” 3. Kevin MacCalister a) “ Home Alone” 4. Dorothy f) “The Wizard of Oz” 5. Luke Skywalker b) “Star Wars” 6. Jack Dawson d) “Titanic”

Слайд 14

World of wonders, слайд 14
Question quiz
1. What book was written by Lewis Carroll and made into classical Disney cartoon? 2. What name did Dorothy get in the Russian adaptation of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ book? 3. Who wrote a classical fantasy novel ‘ The Hobbit, or There and Back Again’? 4. Who created Mickey Mouse? 5.What is the name of Tom Sawyer‘s friend? 6. What book is about a man who lives on uninhabited island?
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