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Victor tsoi
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Victor Tsoi
(21.06.1962- 15.08.1990 )

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ROCK MUSICIAN, SONGWRITER, ARTIST, SINGER Date of birth: June 21, 1962 Date of death: August 15, 1990 Age at the time of death: 28 years Place of birth: LININGRAD Height: 184 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Profession: Singer

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Victor tsoi, слайд 4
Viktor Robertovich Tsoi is a legendary Soviet rock musician, singer, guitarist and songwriter, founder and soloist of the cult group "Cinema". In addition, Viktor Tsoi became known for his work in cinema, having played in the famous films of the perestroika era "Assa" and "Needle".

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Tsoi was born on June 21, 1962 in Leningrad. His parents were physical education teacher Valentina Vasilyevna and engineer Robert Maksimovich. Viktor owes his Korean surname and appearance to his father's grandfather, a Korean who came to the Northern Capital from Kazakhstan. Victor was the only child in the family. He read a lot from early childhood, loved to draw and sculpt, and in the fifth grade he became interested in playing the guitar. When the boy was eleven, his parents divorced. The father left the family, but a year later the former spouses got back together. But Victor always had a warmer relationship with his mother.

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In parallel with secondary school in 1974-1977, Victor went to the "art school". According to the drawing teacher, the boy had excellent abilities, but he was not at all inclined to regular and painstaking work.After graduating from the eighth grade in 1978, Victor entered the Art School named after V. Serov. Devoting more and more time to music lessons and not wanting to draw propaganda posters and generally do things that do not bring moral satisfaction, Viktor dropped out of school and was expelled from school for failing.

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Having found a new name, the group immediately began working on recording the first album. BG's patronage also played an important role in this matter: it was he who brought Viktor and his team to Andrey Tropillo's studio in the House of a young technician, and also "shared" the missing musicians from his group "Aquarium". The album was ready in the summer of 1982. The total duration of the songs on it was 45 minutes, which determined its name – "45". While working on the album, the band played their first electric concert at the Leningrad rock club festival, and the whole concert was played under a drum machine, since Kino did not have its own drummer yet. On February 19, 1983, a large joint concert of the groups "Cinema" and "Aquarium" was given, at which the songs "Electric Train", "Aluminum cucumbers" and "Trolleybus" were performed. At the same time, Yuri Kasparyan joined the main group, and soon after that Alexey Rybin left the group.

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1. Eighth grader (1982) 2. Kamchatka (1983) 3. The Last Hero ("The Chief of Kamchatka"; 1984) 4. Saw the night ("Night"; 1986) 5. Mama Anarchy ("Night"; 1986) 6. Blood group ("Blood group"; 1988) 7. I want a change! ("The Last Hero"; 1989) 8. A star named the Sun ("A star named the Sun"; 1989) 9. A pack of cigarettes ("A star named the Sun"; 1989) 10. The Cuckoo ("Black Album"; 1991)

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Tsoi died in a car accident. It happened on the Sloka–Talsi highway near the village of Kesterciems in Latvia, not far from the dacha where he and Kasparyan worked on the album. According to the official version, Victor fell asleep at the wheel.
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