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Present simple tense
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Слайд 1

Present simple tense, слайд 1
Present Simple Tense

Слайд 2

Present simple tense, слайд 2

Настоящее простое время
Обозначает регулярное действие, то, что происходит постоянно, каждый день
Указатели времени: usually – обычно every day – каждый день often – часто always – всегда sometimes – иногда
Вспомогательные глаголы
do does (в 3-ем лице, ед.ч.) Употребляются только в вопросительных и отрицательных предложениях

Слайд 3

Present simple tense, слайд 3

V, V+-s,-es I read. He She reads. It We You read. They Example: We often read books. She swims well..do/does not + V I We do not You read. They He She does not It read. Example: He does not play football..Do/Does not + V ? I we Do you read ? they he Does she read? it Example: Do you learn well? Does she work?

Слайд 4

Present simple tense, слайд 4
№1. Сделай предложения отрицательными I live in London. He likes to drink coffee. You get up at 7 o’clock. Doctors go to hospital. My sister goes to school every day. №2. Сделай предложения утвердительными Foxes don’t live in the forest. My sister doesn’t make her bed every day. I don’t do exercises every day. My brother doesn’t work at school. We don’t play the piano every day.

Слайд 5

Present simple tense, слайд 5
№3. Спишите предложение и подчеркните слово с ошибкой He take a shower at 7 o’clock. When do she come home? She don’t skate every winter. I does my homework every day. Does you like to sing? №4. Составь предложение из слов live, where, she, does ? don’t, baseball, play, I. to, likes, she, books, read Monday, go, the, I, swimming pool, to, every doesn’t, TV, she, watch, like, to

Слайд 6

Present simple tense, слайд 6
№5. Составь общий и специальный вопросы к предложениям: I go to school at 8 o’clock every day. Nick plays football in the gym on Sundays. They read books every evening. You buy milk every Thursday. She works at college.   №6. Откройте скобки и напишите глаголы в правильной форме. One fly … (to fly) , two flies … (to fly). One girl … (to cry), four girls … (to cry). When a wolf … (to see) the moon, it … (to begin) to howl. Wolves and sheep … (to be) never friends. Our hens … (to lay) a lot of eggs. Boys … (to fight) and… (to shout). That boy … (to try) to catch some balls. These girls … (to try) to run away from an angry turkey. If one goose … (to have) one tooth, how many teeth … (to have) thirteen geese?

Слайд 7

Present simple tense, слайд 7
№7. Вставьте глаголы из скобок в форме Present Simple. He ________ (get) up at 7. He ________ (have) his English lesson every day. Не ________ (speak) English to his friends. He ________ (play) board games in the afternoon. Sometimes he ________ (swim) in the lake. He often ________ (go) hiking. He sometimes ________ (sit) by the camp fire in the evenings. He never ________ (go) on a trip without his friends.

Слайд 8

Present simple tense, слайд 8
№8. Вставьте глаголы в Present Simple. go, like, love, watch, read, like, walk, come, do, watch My name's Pavel. In the evening I usually (1) ____ my homework. Then I (2) ______ TV or video. I (3) _____ action films! They are super! Then I (4) ______ my dog. After that I (5) _____ home, (6)____ a book and (7) _____ to bed. My sister is little. She doesn't (8) _____ action films. She (9) ___________ cartoons. She (10) ___________ them every day.

Слайд 9

Present simple tense, слайд 9
№8. Составьте предложения в Present Simple.
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