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The Republic of Mordovia
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Слайд 1

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 1
The Republic of Mordovia

Слайд 2

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 2
Столица Саранск
Площадь 26,1 тыс.кв.км.
Население 900тыс.чел.
Федеральный округ Приволжский
Экономический район Волго-Вятский
Государственный язык русский, эрзянский, мокшанский
Глава Республики Николай Меркушкин
Председатель Правительства Республики Владимир Волков
Председатель Государственного Собрания Республики Владимир Чибиркин

Слайд 3

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 3
State symbols of the Republic
The Head of the Republic            Vladimir Volkov

Слайд 4

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 4
National Anthem of the Republic of Mordovia is a symbol of preserving the traditions of national culture, the unity of the multinational people of the Republic of Mordovia . National anthem is the piece of music of the winner of the State award of the Republic of Mordovia N. V. Kosheleva on S. V. Kinyakin's verses. From time immemorial in this land of plenty songs in the Moksha, Erzya, Russian, Tatar languages sounded. Words were different, but sang about same: about beauty of the nature, love and fidelity, about a hard share. Carrying on long traditions of the people of edge, the anthem of the Republic of Mordovia sounds in three state languages — Moksha, Erzya, Russian

Слайд 5

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 5
1.Ши валда, Мордовия, седистот сай, Ши валда, Мордовия, сельмосот палы, юрнай Россиять мяшться мокшень сияста сюлгам, Россиять карксэземса эрзянь зырняста пулай. Припев: Шумбрат! Шумбрат, Мордовия! Гайняк! Гайняк, Мордовия! Кельгома краеньке – най панжи маеньке, Мокшэрзянь шачема – касома край! Шумбрат! Шумбрат,Мордовия! Морак! Морак, Мордовия! Павазу эряфсь катк тонь эрь кудозт сувай! Ульхть шумбра, ульхть шумбра, Кода сонць Сияжарсь, ульхть шумбра! 2. Тон ютыть, Мордовия, стака кить-янт. Тон молить, Мордовия, витьстэ,верьга кандыть прят. Вий макснесть келей Мокшась ды бойка Сурась, Секс течис тон седейс ды оймес – прок ванькс лисьмапрят. Припев: 3. Ты трудной дорогой, Мордовия, шла, России держалась и голову гордо несла. Давали силы вольные Мокша, Сура, Ты духом была и осталась сильна и добра.

Слайд 6

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 6
The coat of arms of the Republic of Mordovia, according to heraldry requirements, begins with a board: after all to each people having the statehood, it was necessary to defend the earth, freedom, independence. The author of the coat of arms — Chikrinev N. D. * — chose the French form of a board: almost a square with a heart-shaped point below. Board of flowers of a flag of RM; in its center on a white strip the guard with the image of an ancient municipal coat of arms of Saransk is placed: in a silver field fox and three arrows vertically from top to down. The board is framed with cervical hryvnia (ancient ornament ancient мордвы) gold color that symbolizes: ancient origin of ethnoses of edge; beauty: nature, cities and villages, spiritual beauty people; — prosperity, wealth: national, spiritual, a sack - turny and material. On hryvnia seven ornaments, the meaning seven cities — administrative, industrial, a sack the turnykh of the centers of the republic are represented. All this is framed by the golden ears of wheat intertwined with a tape of flowers of a flag. The ear in modern heraldry means iconomical power of the state, its prosperity, national unity. The coat of arms comes to the end with a solar sign. Idea of the coat of arms to live wisely, in friendship and a consent to the multinational people of the Republic of Mordovia, to keep and multiply national traditions, to promote economic prosperity, steadily to develop under the clear peace sun on the fertile earth
Coat of arms

Слайд 7

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 7
National flag of the Republic of Mordovia is a rectangular panel consisting of horizontally arranged in sequence from top to bottom three stripes dark red , white and dark blue. The upper and lower stripes are the same size . The width of each of them is 1/ 4 of the width of the flag. The ratio of the width to the length -1: 2 . In the middle of the white stripe is eight- socket - solar sign dark red color , a symbol of the sun, warmth, kindness , openness , desire for balance, stability and sustainability. So RM flag means to live in spiritual purity , goodness , openness, to develop freely on its fertile land. The author of the flag is the winner of the State award of the Republic of Mordovia A. S. Алёшкин*.

Слайд 8

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 8
National structure of the republic
Russians - 54.3% , Mordovians (Moksha, Erzya) - 40% , Tatars - 5.2%  Only 80 nationalities live in the territory of Mordovia 

Слайд 9

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 9
The Mordovian people from century to century gave birth to worthy people - singers, storytellers, scientists, artists, military. Thanks to them Mordovians kept the original culture and became one of the main support of the Russian state.
Famous people of Mordovia

Слайд 10

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 10
Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov The Russian naval commander, the admiral, the commander of the Black Sea fleet. In 2001 it is canonized by Russian Orthodox Church as the soldier Feodor Ushakov.

Слайд 11

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 11
the legendary pilot. He was born in 1917 in Torbeevo's settlement. In days of the Great Patriotic War he battled in Pokryshkin's aviation division. In 1944 he was brought down and was taken prisoner on the island of Uzed. On February 8, 1945 he took a fascist bomber and made escape from the confidential range. He was awarded ranks of the Hero of the Soviet Union.
Devyatayev Mikhail Petrovich

Слайд 12

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 12
The largest Mordovian State University is called by the name of the poet and journalist Nicholas Platonovich Ogarev. The monument to Ogarev is at the main building of the University of Mordovia. The words from his poem, “To a boy", "Learn! Understand that knowledge is power " has become the motto of the students .
Nikolay Platonovich Ogarev

Слайд 13

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 13
Alexander Ivanovich Polezhaev
Polezhaev belongs to the thinkers and poets of the first half of the XIX century . Many works of the poet were forbidden as expressed negative opinion of the Russian people on the existing government and society. In Saransk there is a monument to the poet . One of the biggest central streets was named in his honor. The city has a museum devoted to the life and work of A.I Polezhaev.

Слайд 14

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 14
Russian and Soviet painter, sculptor Stepan Erzya (real name Nefedov ) was born on October 27 ( November 8) in 1876 in the village of Bayevo Alatyrsky region Simbirsk province (now the Republic of Mordovia Ardatovsky district ) . Beeing world-known sculptor , he is best known as a master of woodcarving . The biggest collection is in Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts. From 1926 to 1950 he lived and worked abroad, most of this period - in Argentina. The artist died in Moscow on November 24, 1959 . Buried in Saransk. For a long time this is the world-famous sculptor was the only hallmark of Mordovia. Erzya was proud of his origins and even took the name of his people for the nickname.
Stepan Erzya

Слайд 15

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 15
Russian and Soviet artist V. F.Sychkov was born March 1, 1870 in the village of Kochelaevo Narovchatsky region the province of Penza (now the Republic of Mordovia Kovylkinsky district).
At the end of the 1980s a bust of the painter was put in memorial sculptural complex in the Square of Fame . In 1970 in Kochelaevo was opened the Museum to his honour.
Fedot Vasilievich Sychkov

Слайд 16

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 16
Vladimir Dezhurov - the only astronaut born in Mordovia.
Tennis player, coach, leader of the Soviet and Russian sport, Russian Tennis Federation President Shamil Tarpishchev
Russian professional boxer acting Oleg Maskaev
Alexei Nemov
Svetlana Khorkina
Alexander Ovechkin
Stanislav Duzhnikov
Oleg Tartarov

Слайд 17

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 17
Sanaksar monastery
The Church in Nikolaevka
Iowan the Theologian Monastery

Слайд 18

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 18
The monument to Emelyan Pugachev in Saransk

Слайд 19

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 19
The Republican Museum of Mordovia

Слайд 20

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 20
Mordovian national park in Smolniy

Слайд 21

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 21
AllRussian Mordovian National Festival

Слайд 22

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 22

Слайд 23

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 23

Слайд 24

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 24
National clothes of Mordva and Arzya

Слайд 25

The Republic of Mordovia, слайд 25
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