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Test «Valentine's Day»
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Слайд 1

Valentine was….. A) a king B) a priest C) God of Love

Слайд 2

Valentine was a Christian priest.

Слайд 3

Valentine went to prison because He secretly married people He secretly got married He didn’t go into the army

Слайд 4

Valentine went to prison because He secretly married people

Слайд 5

Valentine`s cards have a shape of….. A) star B) flower C)heart

Слайд 6

Valentine's cards have a shape of hearts or have hearts on it.

Слайд 7

Valentine fell in love with the … A) jailer's daughter B) queen C) nurse

Слайд 8

Valentine was put into prison and there he fell in love with the jailer's daughter.

Слайд 9

Valentine wrote his lover a letter and signed it… A) to my sweetheart B) from your Valentine C) love

Слайд 10

The night his execution on February 14th he wrote his lover a farewell letter and signed it “From Your Valentine”

Слайд 11

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and (romance, decorations, parents). Many people call their love (romance, spouse, sweetheart).

Слайд 12

On this day people share feelings of affection with friends, family and (affection, flowers, companions) This is the day to celebrate (feelings, humorous, decorations) of love and friendship.

Слайд 13

The famous couples
Adam Ivanhoe Rat Buttler Ruslan Romeo Carmen Tristan ALADDIN Napoleon
Juliet Lyudmila Isolda Scarlet O’Hara JASMIN Josephine Lady Rovena Don Hose Eve

Слайд 14

a dove a heart a chocolate a cupid a flower a card an arrow a lace a ribbon a bow

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