Презентация - Шишкин Иван Иванович на английском языке 5-9 классы

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by Borisova T.V.

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You will learn about the most famous Russian artist Ivan Shishkin.

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“The Forest Tsar” was his name among his friends and admirers.

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Have you ever seen this picture? It is called the “Ship’s Grove” and it was the artist’s last work. The picture was painted in 1898, when Ivan Shishkin was 66 years old. It is represented in the State Russian Museum, in the city of Saint-Petersburg.

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The Russian Museum in Saint-Petersburg

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The View of Yelabuga
Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin was born on 13th January, 1832, in the provincial town of Yelabuga, near the river Kama.

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The house–museum in Yelabuga
In this house lived the Shishkins.

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His father was a merchant
It was he who first showed the beauty of art to the little boy.

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Ivan Shishkin loved Russian nature very much and spent a lot of time in the surrounding forest doing a lot of drawings when he was a teenager.

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Moscow School of Painting and Sculpture
In 1852, at the age of 20, he was sent to Moscow to begin his education at the School of Painting and Sculpture and he studied there for four years.

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The Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg
After graduating from it with the highest honours and a gold medal, he entered the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg and attended it from 1856 to 1860.

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View on the Island of Valaam 1859
At the age of 26, Ivan Shishkin made some visits to the islands of Valaam in the north of the Ladoga Lake. Nature of these islands has influenced him a lot.

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View on the Island of Valaam 1859
For the pictures of these islands he was awarded the Big Gold medal and received the opportunity to go abroad.

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View near Dusseldorf 1865
When he was 30, he received the imperial scholarship for his further studies in Europe. He was sent by the Imperial Academy to Germany for the period of six years to study painting of foreign artists. While he was in Germany, he painted the canvas “View near Dusseldorf”. For this picture Ivan Shishkin received a rank of the academician.

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But the Russian nature was pleased to him more. And in 1865, in three years, Ivan Shishkin came back to Russia.

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He was a very hard-working man and for his life he has created about 600 canvases which are represented in different museums. You can see some of them in the State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg.

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Veiw in the surroundings of Saint-Petersburg 1856
Ivan Shishkin was awarded a lot of gold and silver medals. All his works are full of great love and they influence people positively.

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Shishkin’s grave in St.Petersburg
Ivan Shishkin died in 1898, at the age of 66, while working on his new painting.

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The monument to Ivan Shishkin in the town of Yelabuga
He made a lot for the development of the Russian landscape painting. Below you can see some of his famous works.

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Noon. Near Moscow 1869

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“On the Wild North…” 1891

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Brook in a Birchwood 1883

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Forest Cemetery 1893

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