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Дудченко Алла Анатольевна ГБОУ СОШ №20 Санкт-Петербург Учитель английского языка

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It’s fun

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Which activities do you know?

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Go skiing
Go skiing

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Watch TV

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Make a snowman

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Go camping

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Have a picnic

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Read a book

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Answer the questions,please!
1. What is the skier wearing? 2. What about the children ? 3. What seasons have you seen? 4. How does the snowman look in this? 5. What is the owl doing? 6. What is your favourite activity?
You can use these words: Jacket, trousers, boots Cap, jumper, scarf, gloves, trousers Winter, spring, summer, autumn Look great, look great, terrible Go skiing, make a snowman, go camping, watch TV, read a book, have a picnic

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go camping in the summer when it is hot.

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Thank you!