Презентация - On the topic Eco-problems in my hometown Rostov-on-Don

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On the topic Eco-problems in my hometown Rostov-on-Don
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Presentation On the topic Eco-problems in my hometown

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I think in my hometown have a lot of eco-problems. Think the main problem is air pollution. When air is polluted it changes the and damages animals' and our health. Factories and plants pollute the environment When people throw litter in the river they cause the second problem - water pollution.

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When the river is polluted animals that live there killed. When we leave litter in the forests, nature is damaged. People from litter damaged not only the nature of the forest, but also birds and forest animals. A lot of people don't recycle paper, they cut down trees to make new paper. Every day is cut down more than 100 trees

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Throwing garbage on the ground and pollute the river people pollute our planet and harm to health. I think that everyone should take care of the nature of their city because every day it less and less Plant new trees that would improve the air in your city and be healthier. Do not litter the river of lakes glass and plastic. It will not take you much time but the city will be cleaner One person can do a lot for your city. We all live on one planet so it is important to protect and look after for nature. Earth, air and water are important for flowers, trees, animals and people. We must protect our planet and try to save it!

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