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Literary Britain
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Слайд 1

Literary Britain, слайд 1

Слайд 2

Literary Britain, слайд 2
1) to play an important part in people's life (books; reading) 2) to be keen on reading (many people) 3) favourite books (to buy at a bookshop; to borrow from friends; to take out from libraries) 4) to expand the mind (books; reading) 5) to help (to solve a lot of life problems; to learn more about other countries and peoples of the world; to discover a lot of new things; to explore new ideas; to entertain oneself and feel comfortable; to be in the know of everything) 6) to enjoy reading or to be fond of (fiction, non-fiction, science-fiction) 7) to prefer reading (novels, poetry) 8) a good way to relax and to spend free time in a useful way (read­ing) 9) to tell a lot of information about (lives of famous people and poli­tics; ancient times; latest discoveries; unusual plants and animals; teenagers' problems) 10) to captivate people with the thrilling plot 11) to make people be impressed by the plot for a long time

Слайд 3

Literary Britain, слайд 3
Ask your classmates... 1 ... if British literature really rich is (very rich; no doubt) 2 ...with which world-known writers British literature is associated (the names of Robert Burns, Thomas Hardy, Jerome K. Jerome, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, etc.) 3 ... if they know what books (novels and plays) some of British authors wrote ("Three men in a boat" by Jerome K. Jerome; "Dombey and Son", "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens; "Hamlet" by Shakespeare, etc.) 4 ... whose birthplace the historic town of Stratford-upon-Avon is known (as William Shakespeare's birthplace) 5 ... for what theatre Stratford is famous (the Shakespeare Memo­rial Theatre; to be destroyed by fire; to be rebuilt and reopened; 1932)

Слайд 4

Literary Britain, слайд 4
6 ... what the best place of London to begin a literary exploration is (Westminster Abbey; Poets' Corner with monuments and tombs of outstanding writers of Britain) 7 ... what celebrated writers and poets Wales inspired (the modern children's writer Roald Dahl, the author of "Alice in Wonderland" Lewis Carroll and the poets Wordsworth and Dylan Thomas) 8... which of the well-known British novelists, diarists, poets and playwrights Bath, a famous cultural centre, has attracted (the po­ets Wordsworth, Shelly, Alexander Pope; the writers Tobias Smollett, Henry Fielding; the playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan; the nota­ble authors Walter Scott, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen) 9...for what South West Scotland famous is (to be born; 1759; the great Scottish poet; Burns) 10...how the celebration in Scotland in honour of Robert Burns' birthday is called (Burns' Night)

Слайд 5

Literary Britain, слайд 5
The dates of the life: 1816-1855 - a famous English writer - to be one of the four daughters of a clergyman (священник) - to be one of six children in the family - to spend childhood at a charity-school with three of her sisters after then-mother's death - to suffer from hunger and neglected colds - to fall ill with tuberculosis and die (two of her sisters) - to become a teacher and a writer - the best known novel by the writer (autobiographical) - "Jane Еуге"- «Джейн Эйр»; to be published in 1847
Charlotte Bronte

Слайд 6

Literary Britain, слайд 6
Robert Burns the dates of the life: 1759-1796 - a famous Scottish poet - to be born in the family of a farmer - to begin writing poems at the age of fifteen - to write hundreds of songs and poems - to picture country life, love and national pride - to be closely connected with the national poetic and musical folklore (Burns' verse) - to be the author of the Scottish song 'Auld Lang Syne" («Добрoe старое время»)

Слайд 7

Literary Britain, слайд 7
Agatha Christie
- the dates of the life: 1890-1976 - a well-known English writer - to be popular with a lot of people (her books and plays) - to be made into films (many of her books) - to be the most famous characters of her books (detectives) - to be the best-known novels by the au­thor - "Murder on the Orient Express" («Убийство в Восточном экспрессе», 1934) - "Death on the Nile" («Смерть на Ниле», 1937)

Слайд 8

Literary Britain, слайд 8
- the dates of the life: 1812--1870 - one of the well-known English writers - to narrate the life of poor people and or­phans at.the time of Queen Victoria's reign - to be born in the family of a poor clerk (eight children) - to learn foreign languages and literature - to work at a lawyer's office at the age of fifteen - the most famous works written by the author - "The Adventures of Oliver Twist" (1838), "David Copperfield" (1850), "The Pickwick Papers" (1837) - to be one of the writers of critical real­ism in English literature
Charles Dickens

Слайд 9

Literary Britain, слайд 9
William Shakespeare
- the dates of the life: 1564-1616 - a famous English writer, playwright, poet, actor - to be one of the most famous ever - to write comedies, tragedies and other plays - to be recognized all over the world (Shakespeare's playwriting) - to contain a lot of good morals and ethical lessons (Shakespeare's plays) - to help the reader to be better, wiser, happier (Shakespeare's plays) - to be published (Shakespeare's works) - "Romeo and Juliet" (1595), "Hamlet" (1601), "Othello" (1604), "King Lear" (1605) and others

Слайд 10

Literary Britain, слайд 10
William Shakespeare Test
Read the statements below and decide if they are true or false according to the text: 1. Works by Shakespeare are usually published in sev­eral books and many people read them with great pleasure. 2. Shakespeare has won fame as one of the greatest poets all over the world. 3. It is impossible to say something in a better way when Shakespeare has already said such a thing. 4. People enjoy reading the songs of Shakespeare's plays that are the most charming gems of poetry in English literature. 5. Shakespeare's historic works tell the stories of the early English kings. 6. Some of Shakespeare's works tell the stories of the ancient world, the murder of Julius Caesar among them. 7. Some of Shakespeare's plays also recount the tales of various imaginary characters, Othello among them.

Слайд 11

Literary Britain, слайд 11
William Shakespeare Test
8. Shakespeare's characters seem like living in his plays without their weaknesses and foolish actions. 9. With great skill the author described tigers in his won­derful plays too. 10. The readers feel sorry when they see Shakespeare's poor old King Lear walking around in the storm. 11. People must also laugh at the misadventures of the fat and funny knight Falstaff. 12. It is known that Shakespeare wrote his brilliant plays only for amusement of those who went to see them. 13. People always went to see Shakespeare's plays to be sure that they contain many good morals and ethical lessons as everybody wanted to be better, wiser and happier. 14. It is pleasant to think that in the last Shakespeare's play those who have been wronged forgive those who have wronged them. 15. The great poet called himself "the Bard" and wished good will to everybody.

Слайд 12

Literary Britain, слайд 12
William Shakespeare Test. The Key.
1 -false 9 -false 2 – true 10-true 3 – true 11 – true 4 -false 12 – true 5-true 13 -false 6 – true 14 - true 7 - true 15 -false 8 -false

Слайд 13

Literary Britain, слайд 13
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