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Австралийские животные - Australian Animals
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Слайд 1

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 1
Australian Animals
Spotlight – 5 (module 5)

Слайд 2

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 2
They have got grey fur.
They have got short, strong arms and legs.
Did you know that… ~koala means ‘no water’? ~they never drink, but they get all the liquid they need from eucalyptus leaves? ~they swim very well? ~they sleep during the day?
They have got sharp claws for climbing.
They have got big round ears and a black nose.
They eat eucalyptus leaves.
They live in trees.

Слайд 3

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 3
Did you know that… ~the comfortable hopping speed for red kangaroos is 20-25 kmh, but the can hop as fast as 70 kmh over short distances?
A kangaroo has got a big body, a long tail and very strong hind legs.
It is red and grey with big ears and big black eyes.
Its front legs are very short.
They eat grasses and leaves.
They have special teeth for chopping their food.
They can kick to kill a man.

Слайд 4

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 4
They have got long grey and blue fur.
They live about 3 years.
They eat insects, mice, lizards, seeds and fruit.
They live in holes.
They have got paws with long claws for digging.
They have got long pointed ears. They can hear very well.
They have got dark round eyes. They can see very bad.
Did you know that… ~a bilby sleeps sitting on its back paws? ~ it hides its head between its front paws? ~ it closes its eyes by its long ears?

Слайд 5

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 5
Did you know that… ~it lays eggs like a bird and has a pouch like a kangaroo?
It is thick and clumsy but it can swim very well.
It eats ants, earthworms and termites.
They have got very short, strong legs with large claws.
They have got hair and spines. They are brown and beige.
They have long snouts.
They can see very well.

Слайд 6

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 6
Did you know that… ~they also like sitting in the mud?
Emus are very large birds.
They can’t fly but they can run very fast.
They live for nearly 30 years.
They eat leaves, fruit and insects and they drink a lot of water.
They are very tall.
They have got dark grey and brown feathers.

Слайд 7

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 7
Did you know that… ~a pureblooded dingo doesn’t bark but it can growl and howl?
Dingo has got short thick fur.
Dingo is a wild dog.
Its typical colour is red but it can be, black, white or greyish.
It is active at night.
It has got dens in caves and holes.
It eats rabbits, small mammals, birds, reptiles and carrion.
It kills sheep but it doesn’t eat them.

Слайд 8

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 8
Duck-Billed Platypus
Did you know that… ~it’s got a sense of electroreception which helps it find food underwater when a platypus can’t see or hear?
It’s got brown fur.
It is an egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed mammal.
It’s got a broad, flat tail.
It has webbed feet and a large, rubbery snout.
It can dig resting and nesting burrows.
It eats worms insect, shrimps, and freshwater crayfish.

Слайд 9

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 9
Did you know that… ~they have a backwards pouch? That’s why they don’t gather dirt when they dig.
It has got short legs, small ears and a black nose.
It has got very a short tail and small black eyes.
It has got strong claws and big front teeth for digging their burrow systems.
They have got brown, grey and black fur.
They eat grass, bark and roots.

Слайд 10

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 10
Western Ringtail Possum
Did you know that… ~it can have up to 3 babies which live in the pouch and stay with their parents up to 7 months?
It has got dark brown or grey fur and a strong white-tipped tail.
Its tail helps it move through the forest.
It lives in the nests or in the hollows of old eucalyptus trees.
It has got a black head, red ears and a cream chest and stomach.
It eats peppermint tree leaves, buds, blossoms and soft fruit.
It is active at night.

Слайд 11

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 11
Tasmanian Devil
It has got small round red ears and a pointed dark brown nose.
It has got black fur with a white spot on its chest.
It has got short and strong paws with sharp claws to find food.
Its teeth are sharp.
It looks like a small dog.
It lives only in the Australian island state of Tasmania.
Did you know that… ~it can eat everything: small animals, insects, snakes, roots, frogs? But most of all it likes carrion! That’s why it stops some diseases.

Слайд 12

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 12
Did you know that… ~they do not chew their food? They swallow it in large chunks. ~they’ve got a voice box in the throat to communicate with each other?
They eat fish, reptiles, birds and mammals.
They have got thick and rugged skin.
Crocodiles have very strong jaws
They can jump high out of the water to catch their prey .
Its long tail helps the crocodile swim and move fast.
They’ve got eyes and nostrils on the top part of the head.

Слайд 13

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 13
Did you know that… ~it’s got a bag on its bill which can take up to 12 liters of water into it?
It is the largest Australian bird.
It is white with black wings.
It’s got a very long pink bill.
It’s got brown eyes with white rings around.
It eats fish, sea animals and even ducklings and sea-gulls.
It’s clumsy but it can climb the trees very well.
It lives about 17 years.

Слайд 14

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 14
They have got a big head and a short neck.
They have got long and strong beaks.
They live in hollows of trees.
They have got a brown back, wings and a tail. They have got a white breast with grey waves.
They eat insects, small mammals, reptiles and little birds.
Australians like kookaburra because they eat poison snakes.
Did you know that… ~a kookaburra can laugh like a man? ~ it can copy different sounds?

Слайд 15

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 15
Bearded Dragon
Did you know that… ~avocado, rhubarb and broccoli can kill bearded dragons? ~also they cannot eat citrus fruits, spinach and bananas?
It eats leafy greens vegetables, fruit, insects and worms.
Its head has got spiny scales arranged in rows and clusters.
It can change its colour like a chameleon.
It makes good pets for children.
This lizard lives in the arid, rocky, semi-desert regions and dry open woodlands.
It lives about 15 years.

Слайд 16

Австралийские животные - Australian Animals, слайд 16
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