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Olympic Games
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Слайд 1

Olympic Games, слайд 1
The history of sport
Olympic Games The city of Olympia The founder Winter Olympic games Paralympia Modern kinds of Olympic games Motto of Olympic Games

Слайд 2

Olympic Games, слайд 2
Olympic Games
The history of sport started in Ancient Greece with Olympic Games. The first Olympic games were held in 776 BC. During these games all the wars had to be stopped and the yesterday's enemies peacefully competed for the right to be called the winner.
The poster of the first Olympic games
Running is the most ancient kind of sports.
The most popular kind of sports is chariot racing

Слайд 3

Olympic Games, слайд 3
The City of Olympia
The native land of Olympic games is considered to be the City of Olympia. Every fourth year for five days all Greek athletes gathered here.

Слайд 4

Olympic Games, слайд 4
The founder
Pierre de Coubertin
of the modern Olympics is

Слайд 5

Olympic Games, слайд 5
Winter Olympic games
“White Olympics” take place in winter. XX winter Olympic games were held in Turino, the capital of the Italian region Pimento , in February,2006.
There are different competitions in “White Olympics”: figure skating, skiing, freestyle, mountain skiing, hockey and many others.

Слайд 6

Olympic Games, слайд 6
Paralympics are the games for disabled people.
The Russian Ildar Pomykalov has won a bronze medal in paralympia marathon competition

Слайд 7

Olympic Games, слайд 7
Modern Olympic games
Opening ceremony of XX winter Olympic games
Now the Olympic games include many sports- swimming, diving, running, sport walking and many, many others.

Слайд 8

Olympic Games, слайд 8
The Olympic champion of Beijing Islanbeck Albiyev won Olympic gold medal in Greeк-Roman wrestling
Russian gymnasts became the winners of Olympiad in group exercises.
The captain of Russian boxing team Andrey Balanov
They are the champions

Слайд 9

Olympic Games, слайд 9
The main idea of Olympic games means friendship and cooperation among the people of the world.
Motto of Olympic Games

Слайд 10

Olympic Games, слайд 10
The Olympic emblem is five interlinked rings: blue, yellow, black, green and red. The Olympic movement proves, that “real peace can be achieved only through sport”
The next winter Olympiad will be held in 2010 in Vancouver (Canada) and in 2014 in Sochi (Russia). We wish our sportsmen great success and victory.
Love sports!!!
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