Презентация - Olympic Games in Sochi!

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Olympic Games in Sochi!
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Слайд 1

Olympic Games in Sochi!, слайд 1
Olympic Games in Sochi !
Project is made by Yezerskaya Kristina ,Olenena Masha , Petrova Natasha , Viskova Olda. 2014

Слайд 2

Olympic Games in Sochi!, слайд 2
Only for those of a special breed, Living a dream, a chance to succeed, Yesterday's hopes and desires coming true, Making your mark with records anew Proving hard work and the daily grind, Instructing the body, conditioning the mind Can capture a medal for the whole world to see, with Glamour and Pride for your country, As you stand aloft and you flag is flown high, there's Memories forever, and a tear in your eye, Enjoying the moment, the admiring looks, Securing you name in the history books. Current Events Poem by Ken Budden from Family Friend Poems

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Olympic Games in Sochi!, слайд 3
The Olympic Games are the world’s number one sport event. They are an important symbol for billions of people around the globe – a symbol of hope, peace and friendly cooperation between nations. They have been held since ancient times but let’s talk about the future.

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Olympic Games in Sochi!, слайд 4
Olympic Games 2014
Hosting country. Olympic traditions. Main Olympic symbols.

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Olympic Games in Sochi!, слайд 5
Olympic awards in 2014 The emblem of the future Olympic Games

Слайд 6

Olympic Games in Sochi!, слайд 6
New sports in Olympic Games. Equipment, special clothes. Clothes for our country team.

Слайд 7

Olympic Games in Sochi!, слайд 7
The Opening Ceremony. Countries and competitors taking part in the Olympics. The most exiting events of the 2014 Olympic Games.

Слайд 8

Olympic Games in Sochi!, слайд 8
Pierre de Coubertin said: “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in the life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.” It is the principle of the modern Olympic movement.
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