Презентация - Teenager’s problems in Russia and in the USA

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«Teenager’s problems in Russia and in the USA.» Работу выполнил : ученик 9 «а» класса Рыбак Роман Учитель :Стрижакова Татьяна Ивановна

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The aim of my work
To enlarge my scope To get more information about youth problems To find out differences and common features of teenagers from different countries (e.g. the USA and Russia) To try to find the way of solving teens problems

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Generation X

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I am different- I am not bad

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We want to choose ourselves

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Generation gap

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Homeless teenagers

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They kill homeless children just to tidy up the streets for an important visitor !

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Bullying at school

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Do not be an easy target !

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“ I'd never want to go back to high school. Not in a million years!

Tom Cruise

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61% of Russian parents consider our school risky. 70% Russian pupils admit the existence of school violence. 17% Russian pupils were bullied by teachers and classmates. 30% of teachers say that they mustn’t help students in such situations. 50% of teachers do not know how to help pupils who are bullied.
Some interesting facts

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Stop until it is not too late!

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We are more active, energetic, creative, independent.

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Forever young. I want to be forever young