Презентация - The school systems in great britain and russia

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The school systems in great britain and russia
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The School Systems in Great Britain and Russia

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The Plan of the Lesson:
The types of schools around the world The school system in Britain and Russia Harrow William Farr school School № 337

Слайд 3

What is the difference between school and life?
In school you are taught a lesson and then given a test. In life you are given a test that teachers you a lesson. Tom Bodett

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Give the descriptions of the types of schools
State school Boarding school Private school Co- educational school Single – sex school Specialists school

Слайд 5

The School System in Britain
Pre – school Primary Secondary The Sixth education education education form (age 2-3) (age 5-7) (age 7-11) 1 2 3 4 5

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The Plan.Harrow.W. Farr
Extra – curricular activities..

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Harrow School

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Harrow is one of Britain's leading independent schools still specialising in providing a high quality boarding school education for boys. The School was founded in 1572 by John Lyon of Preston. Lyon wanted a school for local boys. Harrow begin to take its current shape in the Victorian era. By the 19th century it was no longer a school for local boys, but one of the most prestigious public schools in Britain, attended by well-to-do boys from all over the country.

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The main aim at Harrow is to teach in a way that interests and motivates pupils and to ensure that all pupils achieve outstanding examination results relative to their ability. To involve all pupils in a wide range of extra-curricular activities To promote spiritual and life skills

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All boys take English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Foreign languages (also Latin), Religious studies, Art, IT, PE.

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Extra – curricular activities
Music, drama, sports, art, photography, debating group, cookery, the school farm, fishing, subjects societies, excursions abroad (China, Canada, Malta, Egypt and many other countries).

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Dark blue sweater, white shirt, black tie, grey trousers, tailcoat, black waistcoat and black shoes. All of this is topped off by a straw Harrow hat with a blue band.

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William Farr Comprehensive School

Слайд 15

William Farr Comprehensive School is a Church of England school for 11 - 18 year olds, located in the village of Welton, near Lincoln. It was opened in 1952. The school was named after the vicar of Welton William Farr.

Слайд 16

To offer every pupil the opportunity to achieve their full potential, and develop their knowledge, skills of numeracy, technology, science, communication and linguistics, creative, physical, social, spiritual and academic skills. To provide moral and spiritual, personal and social development.

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The comprehensive academic curricular places equal value on scientific, technological, linguistic, artistic, creative abilities. All pupils take English, Maths, Science, PE, IT, Geography, History, Foreign languages, Art, Religious studies.

Слайд 18

Extra-curricular activities
Sports practices and matches, exhibitions, School council, Art and Music groups, concerts and pays, drama club, international trips (Pupils has visited Italy, France, the USA, India and other countries).

Слайд 19

All pupils must wear uniform. There can be no exception to this rule. BOYS' SCHOOL UNIFORM BLAZER black BLAZER BADGE SWEATER light grey v-neck SHIRT pale blue of school style TROUSERS grey or black, only in school style SCHOOL TIE SOCKS black, white or grey SHOES black

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GIRLS' SCHOOL UNIFORM BLAZER black BLAZER BADGE SWEATER light grey v-neck BLOUSE pale blue SKIRT grey TROUSERS grey or black SCHOOL TIE SOCKS black, white or grey TIGHTS black or natural SHOES black, with low heels.

Слайд 21

Dialogue: ask and answer about
school history school subjects extra – curricular activities the uniform equipment and facilities future changes

Слайд 22

At the lesson we have
remembered: learnt: discussed:

Слайд 23

Home task:
Write a description of our school according to the plan – history, aim, curriculum, extra – curricular activities, school uniform. (100- 120 words)

Слайд 24

German proverb
Those who get lost on the way to school will never find their way through life.
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