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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a small country to the north west of Europe.

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It lies on to big islands Great Britain and Ireland. The total are of the country is about 242 thousands square kilometers. It is washed by the Atlantic ocean in the West and North, by the North sea in the East and separated from Europe by the English Channel.

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The UK consists of four main parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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The landscape of the UK is different.

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The surface of England and Northern Ireland is mainly flat. Though there are some highlands or hills in the North and South

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Scotland and Wales are mountainous countries but mountains are not very high.

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The UK is very rich in rivers and lakes. But rivers are not very long.

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The longest river is the Severn. It is about 250 kilometers long.

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But the most important is the Thames because London stands on it.

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The climate of the UK is mild and damp. It is greatly influenced by the Atlantic ocean and Gulf Stream.

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Winters are not very cold but summers are not very hot. It often rains in spring summer and autumn.

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The climate of the UK is so changeable that British people often say:- “ We have no climate, only weather.”

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The animal’s and plant’s world of the UK does not much differ from that of Europe. Here we can find:

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Some 230 kinds of birds live in the UK.

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The UK used to be a land of big forests. But now it is the country of fields, beautiful valleys and meadows.

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In the British woods we can find such trees as:

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The population of UK is about 60 million people. Most of them live in big cities and towns. About 10 percent of British peoplle live in the country side.

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In the UK live people of different nations and nationalities but there are 4 main of them: English, Scots, Welsh and Irish.

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They are different people. They have different cultures, traditions, and customs. But they have equal rights and official language is English. London is the capital of the UK.