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WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ENGLISH-SPEAKING COUNTRies? Козьмина О.А., учитель английского языка ГОУ «Центр образования» для детей-инвалидов Забайкальского края

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Кто не знает иностранных языков, тот ничего не смыслит и в своем родном языке. И. Гете

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What river does London stand on?
the Thames the Severn the Potomac

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How many countries does the UK consist of?
4 countries 3 countries 5 countries

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Where does the monarch of the UK live?
Buckingham Palace Westminster Abbey the Houses of Parliament

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What is the official name of Britain?
the United States of America the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland England

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What is Big Ben?
the clock on the Houses of Parliament the clock on Buckingham Palace the clock on Nelson's Column

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Rhododendrons, which are plants native to Turkey, have adopted to their new home in Australia.

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Who was the first American president?
A. Lincoln G. Washington G. Tailer

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How many states are there in the USA?
40 50 45 55

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At first Native Americans were called…
Aborigines Indians Australians

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What is the America’s symbol of Freedom?
The State of Liberty The bald Eagle Bank of America Centre

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Success doesn't come to you…you go to it. Успех сам не приходит к Вам... Вы идете к нему. Marva Collins