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Голубцова Ирина Михайловна учитель английского языка МАОУ «Лицей №28 имени Н.А.Рябова» г.Тамбов
Презентация к уроку по учебному предмету «Английский язык» в 9 классе на тему «Толерантность в нашей жизни»

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The Member States of UNESCO proclaimed 16 November the annual International Day for Tolerance. On that day in 1995 «The Declaration of Principles on Tolerance» was signed.

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the responsibility Tolerance human rights that upholds pluralism and the rule of law is democracy.y.

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Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich divercity of our world's cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human.
Tolerance is the responsibility that upholds human rights, pluralism, democracy and the rule of law.

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to be tolerated
to tolerate

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a d p e a c e f u l n e s s j k l
q i r r i t a t i o n s d f g k h
w a o p a r e s p e c t z x c i v
e l b n a n g e r m q r w e r n t
r o c r u e l t y y u u i l o d p
t g f o r g i v e n e s s i x n c
y u a s d f g h j k l t z e v e b
u e n v y n m q w e r t y u i s o
i a s d f f r e e d o m g h j s k

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d p e a c e f u l n e s s
i r r i t a t i o n k
a r e s p e c t i
l a n g e r r n
o c r u e l t y u l d
g f o r g i v e n e s s i n
u t e e
e n v y s
f r e e d o m s

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Stereotype- a generalized picture of a person, created without taking the whole person into account Diversity — a range of different people or things Race — a categorisation of people according to their culture,language or geographic region Belief — the feeling that something is definitely true or definitely exists Behavior — the way that someone behaves Discrimination- the practice of treating one particular group in society in an unfair way

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Exercises for eyes
A star counter

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This is a letter for you!

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Follow the arrow:

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Score yourself!
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5 and more mistakes
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IF Present Simple, Future Simple

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If I (see) some schoolboys heating a smaller boy, I (try) to stop the violence. If a disabled child (come) up to me, I (talk) to him like any other person. If my brother (break) my disk, I (forgive) him. If I (not to agree) with what my friend says, I (listen) to him attentively If I (hear) a person tell a joke about people of a certain nationality, I (say) that it is not fair.

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Your team is losing: ◊ you break things 0you support it right to the end Your team loses: ◊you refuse to shake their hands 0you congratulate the winners Your team wins: 0you say «we play well» ◊ it's thanks to you You don't like someone ◊you act as he doesn't exist 0 you pass him the ball when you can You miss an easy goal: ◊ you feel useless 0you'll score next time The umpire whistles 0 you accept the rule ◊ you argue You feel violent: 0 you kick a ball ◊ you hit someone

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Choose your answers and count only the ovals You have 7 suns: Well done! You are very tolerant! You have character, you are a good sport and you can keep yourself and others from being aggressive. Tell your friends how you do it! 6 and 3 suns: You aren’t very tolerant! You can be touchy but you’re brave and you can improve. Start practicing now. 2 suns or less: Oh dear! You aren’t tolerant! If you respected yourself and others a bit more, you’d be much happier. Give it a tryespect for tolerance and diversity.

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Last year a new girl came to our class. She is so homely (серая мышка). Some of us ignore , others can't stand her and make fun of Mary. It is her name. She doesn't do harm me and I don't mind making friends with her. But I'm afraid my classmates won't understand me. I want to know your opinion. Are there such people in your class? Should I find something in common with her? What will you do if you are in such situation? With love, Kate.

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Tambov Russia
Dear Kate,
You ask me about friendship. I think a lot about it. I have got only two friends but I can honestly say that they are real friends
Sorry, I have to finish my letter, my mum is calling me.
Best wishes,
Thanks for your letter. Sorry,I haven not written for so long because I have been busy at school