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Russian and
British schools

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Geography, IT, musician, foreign languages, Maths. learn, study, write, drive, read, get marks. skirt, trainers, shirt, trousers, tie, shoes. subjects, classes, lessons, vegetable, lunch break. desk, blackboard, chair, window, teacher.
Find the odd word

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Dear friends, I’m Andrew Jones, a student of East Road School in London. I make a project about Russian schools. Could you help me? Please, answer a few questions. How old are Russian schoolchildren in Grade 1? How old are pupils when they start secondary school? What subjects do you have? Do you have a uniform? Best wishes, Andrew

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British/Russian students start school at the age of…. British/Russian students start secondary school at the age of….. British/Russian students finish school at the age of….. British/Russian students go to school……days a week

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How many British/Russian schoolchildren are there in the class? Which subjects British/Russian students learn at the secondary school? When do British/Russian students finish classes? How long is a lunch break? Do British/Russian students have a school uniform?

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What do you think about British school?

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Я могу… Да Нет
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