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Peter the Great
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Слайд 1

Peter the Great, слайд 1
Peter the Great

Слайд 2

Peter the Great, слайд 2
I’d like to tell you about Peter the Great because he is probably the most famous of all Russian tsars.

Слайд 3

Peter the Great, слайд 3
Peter the Great was born in 1672. Peter got a good education at home. From early childhood he had a great interest in pastimes of a military character.

Слайд 4

Peter the Great, слайд 4
Later Peter continued his education abroad. He learnt the skills that Russia needed to flourish. He visited shipyards, workshops, and factories in Europe, getting knowledge of shipbuilding, clock making, and dentistry.

Слайд 5

Peter the Great, слайд 5
Peter the first was an extraordinary man. He was very tall. His height was about two meters. His head, arms and feet were too small in comparison with the body. He wore boots of the 38th size.

Слайд 6

Peter the Great, слайд 6
Peter the Great spent most of his time in battles. From 1700 to 1721 Russian army took part in the Northern War. As a result, Russia gained access to the Baltic Sea.

Слайд 7

Peter the Great, слайд 7
Peter the Great mandated extensive reforms in religion, art, science, and government. He made changes in army, reorganized the government, created a Russian navy and established schools, libraries, and museums.

Слайд 8

Peter the Great, слайд 8
Peter the Great founded St Petersburg and made it the new capital of Russia.

Слайд 9

Peter the Great, слайд 9
Peter the Great was married twice. He had six sons and six daughters. Unfortunately, three of his sons died in childhood.

Слайд 10

Peter the Great, слайд 10
Peter the Great passed away in 1725 and was buried in Saint Petersburg.

Слайд 11

Peter the Great, слайд 11
I admire him because he was a hard-working, reasonable and energetic person. Peter the Great was a wise and strong ruler. He made our country prosper.
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