Презентация - Выражения требующие изменения при переводе в косвенную речь

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Выражения, требующие изменения при переводе в косвенную речь. Для учащихся 7-9 классов

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Let s Advised me to/suggested -ing Had better Advised smb to What about? Suggested -ing I should if I were you Advised smb to Why don t you? Advised smb/ suggested -ing Could I have? Asked smb for Would you like? Offered smb to, invited smb to Shall I? Offered smb to If you like Offered smb to I m sorry Apologized to smb for smth

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You d better stay at home said Tom. Shall we go for a stroll Mike asked Ann. Why don t you phone her? John asked Jack. Let s play a game of chess Tim said to Ed. What about going to the country? Nina asked Nick. Would you like to join us? Ron asked Mary. Could I have a cup of coffee? asked George. If I were you I would take a taxi said his sister. Would you like to go to a concert? Martin asked her. I m sorry. I m late he said. Tom advised her to stay at home. Mike offered Ann to go for a stroll. John advised Jack to phone her. Tim suggested Ed playing a game of chess. Nina suggested Nick going to the country. Ron offered Mary to join them. George asked her for a glass of coffee. His sister advised him to take a taxi. Martin invited her to go to a concert. He apologized for being late.