Презентация - The worst invention of the mankind

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The worst invention of the mankind
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Done by: Diana Darayeva Indira Turdishayeva 319 group The worst invention of the mankind

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Weapon Do you know what happens at the old times when tensions are high and the superpowers doesn t like each other? They always end up at war with each other and has been at that from the start of mankind and millenniums after that.

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Huge wars such as Seven Years War, Hundred Years War, World War 1, World War 2, Napoleonic Wars, Thirty Years War, Mongol Conquests, War of the Spanish Successor, War of the Triple Alliance and countless others has happened and the interval between those big wars seems to be only a few decades (20–30) at the most before those nations have a new generation of citizens that s turned to soldiers to start another war.

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They can do it because the cost of the war aren t enough to deter them because no matter how much they lose, they can always regroup and rebounce sooner or latter and the damage to their land/territory while big is still manageable.

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Nuclear weapons changes that, now that your cities can be destroyed utterly and uninhabitable for sometime (can be weeks or years depends on where the bomb is set to be exploded (mid air or ground) and there s not much you can do to protect all of your cities and your best method of defense doesn t even have a 50% of chance of success to intercept even half of them in case your enemy want to go full salvo.

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Now leaders from all nations (yes even North Korea) kept nuclear weapons as both deterrence and insurance to make sure that other countries doesn t dare to invade their nation and since all of them do this, the major power now cannot do much to obliterate and destroy their enemy on the fear of their cities destroyed from nuclear weapons and millions of their citizens exposed to radiation that s above the healthy level.

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