Презентация - Life without bad habits

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Life without bad habits
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Слайд 1

Life without bad habits, слайд 1
Life without bad habits
Ann Balakshina Form 9 «И»

Слайд 2

Life without bad habits, слайд 2

According to the last World Health Organization, 60% of today claim the lives of non-infectious disease origin. If we want to be healhty and if we want to live we must care of our health!

Слайд 3

Life without bad habits, слайд 3
With obesity affect all organs and systems, but previously only affected the cardiovascular system. First of all if you want to be healthy. You must avoid fast fat foods, Coca-cola and other food, wich are badly influence on our organism. We must eat more minerals and vitamins, wich contain in fruits and vegetables.

Слайд 4

Life without bad habits, слайд 4
On the second leading cause of death in the world - respiratory disease. Smoking leads to various diseases of the respiratory organs. If you want to be healthy you should give up this harmful habit.

Слайд 5

Life without bad habits, слайд 5
Drinking alcohol
Today is very urgent problem of alcohol. It affects all of society is jeopardized become overgrown generation, health of expectant mothers.

Слайд 6

Life without bad habits, слайд 6
Taking drugs
The man who became a drug addict, quickly passes through all stages of disintegration of personality, and becomes a curse for his family, loved ones

Слайд 7

Life without bad habits, слайд 7
Take care of yourself. Everyone makes their own lives.
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