Презентация - Irregular verbs

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Irregular verbs
to go – went [went] to ride –rode [roud] to see – saw [so:] to have – had [hæd] to draw – drew [dru:] to make – made [meıd] to eat – ate [æt] to drink – drank [dræŋk]

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Irregular verbs
to sing – sang [sæη] to leave –left [left] to write – wrote [rout] to buy – bought [bo:t] to give – gave [geıv] to come – came [keım] to win – won [wΛn] to meet – met [met]

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Irregular verbs
to sleep - slept [slept] to take - took [tuk] to swim – swam [swæm] Some verbs are called irregular verbs. They have irregular second forms. We use the second forms of verbs in the Past Simple Tense.