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Saint Petersburg
Nowadays and in the past.

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St Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great .Our city is situated on the east coast of the Gulf of Finland in the delta of the Neva River on 42 islands.

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The main street in St Petersburg is Nevsky Prospect

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The main symbols of St Petersburg
The Peter –and – Paul Fortress

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The main symbols of St Petersburg
St. Isaak’ s Cathedral

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The main symbols of St Petersburg
The Bronze Horseman

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St Petersburg is famous for its White Nights and drawbridges

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During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) our city suffered a lot. The German armies laid a siege in 1941.

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The Leningrad blockade lasted 900 days and nights. People died of starvation, bomb shelling and cold.

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On the 27th of January 1944 the blockade was raised.

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Make the right choice
1.The city was founded by a. Peter II b. St Peter c. Peter the Great 2.The longest river in St Petersburg is a. The Moika river b. The Neva river c. The Fontanka river 3.The city is situated on a. 50 islands b.24 islands c.42 islands

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4.The main street of St Petersburg is a. Ismailovsky Prospect b. Nevsky Prospect c. Moskovsky Prospect 5.The symbol of St Petersburg is a. The State University b. The Bronze Horseman c. The Kremlin 6.The Leningrad blockade lasted a.90 days and nights b.900 days and nights c.190 days and nights

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7.The German army laid a siege to Leningrad in a.1914 b.1941 c.1491 8.The blockade was raised in a.1944 b.1945 c.1943 9.One of the drawbridges is called a.The long bridge b.The Short bridge c.The Liteiny bridge