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Bristol, слайд 1

Презентация выполнена студенткой «Нижегородского Губернского колледжа» Группы 23 ДОУ Гончаровой Марией Владимеровной

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Bristol, слайд 2

Bristol is located in the south-west of England on the River Avon. The city is located on the border of Somerset and Gloucestershire on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean Bay of the same name. Bristol lies on limestone hills and has a temperate maritime climate with warm summers and mild winters.

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Bristol, слайд 3

Bristol is a city in the south-west of Great Britain and a ceremonial county. It is the unofficial capital of the West of England and one of the oldest British ports. Bristol is one of the most vibrant cities in Britain with a wonderful maritime atmosphere and interesting sights.

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Bristol, слайд 4

The city is famous for its music scene and the largest balloon festival, which attracts more than half a million tourists from all over the world.

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Bristol, слайд 5

Bristol in Facts Country: United Kingdom Currency: Pound Sterling Area: 112 sq.km Population: 567 111 people Time: UTC 0, summer +1 Airport: located near the city and accepts more than a hundred regular flights Transport: the developed railway infrastructure will deliver to all major cities of Britain - London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham and others Shopping centers: Cabot Circus, Broadmead, Mall Cribbs Causeway.

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Bristol, слайд 6

Bristol is a ceremonial county, not divided into districts, and a unitary unit with the status of "city". In addition, it is a major port city in the south-western part of England, near Avon. Bristol has a long history – back in the days of the Roman Empire, there was a military camp on the site of the city. Later, the area was settled by the Angles and called it Brycgstow, which translates into Russian as "The Place by the bridge ".

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Bristol, слайд 7

The city owes its prosperity to its good location and trade – most of the trade between England and Ireland in the early Middle Ages passed through it. Soon it was the third largest and most prosperous on the islands, behind London and York. The status of the most important city and port for England remained with Bristol until the XIX century

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Bristol, слайд 8

The Old Port is one of the most important historical places in Bristol. This is the oldest British harbor, which is a real symbol of the city. Here you can see fragments of the great maritime past: ancient port buildings, a steam crane (the oldest of such preserved structures in the UK) and sailing ships made in the style of historical authenticity. Many warehouses and buildings of the harbor have been converted into modern cultural objects: museums, galleries, exhibition halls.

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Bristol, слайд 9

Culture Bristol is a city of cultural significance for the whole kingdom. There are theaters, museums and galleries known throughout the country, for example, the Bristol Industrial Museum. Here was born the world–famous direction of electronic music - trip-hop (the brightest representatives of Tricky, Portishead, Massive Attack and Kosheen), and Bristol itself is called the most musical city in England

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Bristol, слайд 10

Bristol Cathedral is a magnificent masterpiece of English Gothic, which was built over six centuries. Originally, the church of the Augustinian Abbey was located on this site. Between 1298 and 1330, the construction of the modern cathedral began. By the 16th century, the central tower and transepts were completed. The nave and the western facade were completed only in the 19th century. The gate was built in 1170 for the Abbey of St. Augustine.

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Bristol, слайд 11

Christmas Steps is a charming narrow street in the old town, formed in the XVII century. Today, antiques and souvenirs are sold in this alley.

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Bristol, слайд 12

St. Mary Redcliffe Church is one of the most beautiful parish churches in England, built in the 13th century in the style of Gothic architecture and restored in the 15th century in the Baroque style. The church is located on the south side of the floating harbour and embodies the wealth of Bristol merchants.

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Bristol, слайд 13

Bristol has a magnificent old town that reflects its rich history and contains many interesting sights and monuments. The historical center has developed over eight centuries and includes examples of architecture from the Middle Ages to the present.

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Bristol, слайд 14

St. Stephen's Church is one of the most interesting religious buildings of the old city, notable for its magnificent 46-meter tower and the tombs of rich merchants. This building was built in the 15th century on the site of an earlier 11th century church.

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Bristol, слайд 15

Russian tourists get to Bristol through the major cities of England. For example, trains depart from London station twice an hour to a station located 20 minutes on foot from the city center. There are two railway stations in Bristol - Parkpay and Temple Meads . There is also a bus station in the city: buses from different cities of Britain arrive here every hour.
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