Презентация - 1492. The discovery of America

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1492. The discovery of America
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1492. The discovery of America, слайд 1
1492. The Discovery of America

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1492. The discovery of America, слайд 2
Discoverer Background Discovery of a new continent New World Europeans in the New World

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1492. The discovery of America, слайд 3
Christopher Columbus was the person who discovered America in 1492.

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1492. The discovery of America, слайд 4
He was the son of a poor Italian weaver. From his early childhood Columbus was interested in big ships. One day he went off to sea and then made lots of voyages. The seamen of that time didn’t sail far as they knew little of the Atlantic Ocean and didn’t know what was in it or beyond it. When the astronomers declared that the earth was round, Columbus wanted to check it and reach India by sailing to the West.

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1492. The discovery of America, слайд 5
Discovery of a new continent
Being interested in shorter trade routes to India, the Spanish Government gave Columbus three small ships and less than a hundred men so that he could try to carry out his voyage.

Слайд 6

1492. The discovery of America, слайд 6
In 1492 Columbus left Spain on this great expedition. As they sailed West they reached the Canary Islands and the next day they saw land, which was given the name of San Salvador. However, Columbus had no idea that he had discovered a new continent; he thought it was an unknown part of India. He came back to Spain in triumph.

Слайд 7

1492. The discovery of America, слайд 7
New World
Some time later a man named Amerigo Vespucci explored the same coast as Columbus and found that it wasn’t the coast of India. He said it was a New World. For a long time the land had no special name. Only in 1506, the year of Christopher Columbus’s death, it was named America after Amerigo. However, Columbus was the true discoverer of the continent.

Слайд 8

1492. The discovery of America, слайд 8

Europeans in the New World
European people came to the New World for various reasons. Some hoped to find gold and silver. Priests and missionaries came to bring the Christian religion to the Indians.

Слайд 9

1492. The discovery of America, слайд 9
Among all, there was a small group of English people called Pilgrims who wanted to start a new life and to have no religious problems they had in England. In 1620 on the ship «Mayflower» they landed in the north-east of America, set up a colony and called that part of the country «New England».

Слайд 10

1492. The discovery of America, слайд 10

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