Презентация - How english became an international language

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How english became an international language
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How english became an international language, слайд 1
How English became an international language
Ibragimova Parizoda SamSIFL, “International language and literature” 2-course Shirmamedova Nozima Baxtiyorovna SamSIFL, “International language and literature“ 2-course

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How english became an international language, слайд 2

ABSTRACT The role of a foreign language in the life of a modern young person has become the first necessity for personal and professional development. Many far-sighted parents have long understood the importance of a foreign language in their lives and in the future for their children. Numerous questions come to mind about the role of a foreign language in a child's life: is the reserve of children's memory sufficient, do the lessons overwork the child, is it worth starting learning a foreign language at an early age, etc. It is impossible to find an unambiguous answer to all these questions, because in this sense it is much easier for children than for adults. Key words: education, foreign language, professional activity, means of communication, career building

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How english became an international language, слайд 3
Studying of foreign language   Learning a foreign language in the modern world is one of the most important components of the modern language. Knowledge of at least one foreign language broadens one's horizons, allows one to learn the culture and customs of another nation. It seems that every person would like to be successful and successful in business. And in this case, again, knowledge of a foreign language can be very helpful. Firstly, this is additional knowledge, and secondly, employers are more willing to speak a foreign language specialist. However, this is not the most important thing. The main point is the opportunity to plunge into the world of the mysterious and incomprehensible, it is the opportunity to communicate with people and with a different layer of worldview and mentality. It is common to learn English as the international equivalent of communication. Nein, es ist nicht notwendig, Schritt fur Schritt vorzugehen. Perhaps someone will be indignant and say that not every person is able to learn a foreign language. Da! Alas, the ability of each society is brightly individual, someone is more inclined to the exact sciences, someone is smarter. Nein, of course, every person has abilities and hardly anyone disagrees with this fact. The most important thing is to develop, nourish and strengthen these abilities. This is especially easy to do in childhood, but all adults who do not yet speak a foreign language can expect to learn at least one foreign language. Given that modern technology allows you to do this easily and effortlessly!

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How english became an international language, слайд 4
Is a foreign language a fashion trend or an everyday necessity? Each person is guided by his own specific principles in the formation of views on life. Someone does not want to change anything and strive for the better, while someone spends all their free time on self-education, deciding to study / improve their knowledge in one of the foreign languages. The most popular types of motivation are: Work Most of the modern specialties require deep knowledge of employees in international languages. New innovative technologies and methods most often have an English description, most of the modern methodological literature is also written in a foreign language. Often, good high-paying jobs are provided in international companies. You need to be able to put into practice the existing vocabulary, build sentences correctly (grammatically and stylistically). A company employee who is fluent in several languages ​​may qualify for a higher income level. In addition, top management representatives must speak foreign languages ​​at a high level in order to be able to conduct a dialogue with partners, hold an international meeting at a decent level, organize a master class or discuss prospects, as well as possible problems and difficulties. Emigration Did you get a chance to radically change your life and go to work/study abroad? Do not want to feel like a black sheep in another country, in a new company, in an unfamiliar team? It is for such cases that good knowledge of a foreign language of the international type will be needed. Trips Are you familiar with the phrases: “Excuse me, can you help me?”, “Where is the hotel/airport/railway or bus station?”, “How can I book a room in this hotel?” etc.? Do you boldly go on a trip, taking a pocket phrase book with you? However, in case of any situation when you need help or advice from a local resident, you are simply lost and cannot find the words to formulate your question or request? It is for these reasons that knowledge of English is very important for those who like to travel abroad. The ability to express yourself correctly and build sentences correctly will make your vacation more comfortable.

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How english became an international language, слайд 5

Education No one is surprised by the fact that you need to know English to get a quality and prestigious education. And since distance learning has entered our lives, there are more options. Graduates can apply to the best universities not only in the country, but also in the world, proving their knowledge in a major subject. This is a chance to make yourself known before you set foot on the path to a successful career. If you are the best dancer in a small town, then it's time to realize your potential in the world's venues. The best universities in the world such as Harvard and Cambridge have opened their virtual doors to those who graduated from high school a long time ago, but are eager to get advanced training and an international certificate. Even if you are not going to move, imagine how much your authority will grow in the eyes of local authorities with such a diploma. Such courses are held online, and if documentary confirmation of the level is not required, then at least you need to understand what will be discussed. Not to mention that such an example as Steve Jobs proves that nothing is impossible.

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How english became an international language, слайд 6

The importance of language in modern times If we take any branch of knowledge, for example, economics, sports or science, then they will proceed mainly in English. At the UN, English has been made an international and official language, and all specialists work on it. This applies to summits, various meetings of presidents of countries, the signing of decrees and treaties, negotiations, all these actions are translated into English. In addition, specialists in international trade, the work of banks, during the operation of transport, on land and at sea, in the air, all this will be held only in English. If you are an academic, doctor of science, scientist, then English will be a tool for your professional communication. In today's world, it is important to share important information, organize many international conferences, and use English. Even the Olympic Games in all countries will be held with the participation of the English language. That is, from the foregoing it is clear that learning English is important and necessary, because it is not a luxury or some kind of privilege. His knowledge can be compared with mobile phones or computers, because earlier not all people could afford to buy them, but only a certain social stratum of the population.

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How english became an international language, слайд 7

Conclusion After reading a lot of reference literature about the use of a foreign language in our lives, I learned that 1.5 billion people in the world speak English and another billion study it. Today, English is the third most spoken language, followed by Chinese and Spanish. In terms of the number of people using English as a second language, India and China lead. And it can rightfully be called the language of international communication. Knowing English, maybe not the whole world will understand you, but a significant part of it is for sure!

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How english became an international language, слайд 8

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How english became an international language, слайд 9

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How english became an international language, слайд 10
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