Презентация - Effective way of learning new numbers

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Effective way of learning new numbers
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Effective way of learning new numbers, слайд 1
Effective way of learning new numbers
Maxsudjonov Faysalbek Firdavsovich SamSIFL, “International language and literature” 2-course Shukurulloeva Intizor Shuxratovna SamSIFL, “International language and literature“ 2-course

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Effective way of learning new numbers, слайд 2
ABSTRACT Being an English teacher means being an unshakable and responsible person. Teachers make a great contribution to society, by teaching the subject. This article shows the method of learning numbers including making this endlessly repeated topic always new and interesting and shows the ways for successful resolution of learning problems. Key words: numbers, check, practice numbers, much/many, contrasting ‘Teens’ and ‘Tens’, combining ‘Tens’, ordinal account

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Effective way of learning new numbers, слайд 3
One and many Before getting acquainted with the number 1, we work out the concepts of "one" and "many". We pay attention to the number of items, designating them with the terms "one and many". When dressing a child, be sure to "count" the items of clothing: one hat, and a lot of mittens. The dress is one, but there are a lot of socks. We count products, toys, body parts, everything that occurs on a walk: one swing, a lot of houses, one plate, a lot of apples, etc. After the child learns to determine a single number of objects by himself, you can introduce him to the number 1. If you have introduced the baby to a number, it is useful to determine the ratio of the number and the number record. The question of how to quickly learn numbers with a child usually arises from parents shortly before school. There are those who try to teach children arithmetic at a very early age, before the onset of the first year. In the first case, it may be too late, the child simply will not have time to learn numerical designations before entering school. In the second, on the contrary, it is too early. All methods of early development are aimed exclusively at familiarizing the child with certain letters, numbers and colors. In any case, the kid will be able to assimilate the information much later. Psychologists consider the period from 1.5 to 2 years to be the optimal time to get acquainted with numbers. You can study them intensively and score above 10 from the age of 5. This should be done consistently. What methods are usually used for this, we propose to analyze further.

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Effective way of learning new numbers, слайд 4

Numbers from 1 to 5 All the basic concepts about the composition of a number, and this means about arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction), are worked out on the basis of numbers from one to five. To work with this numerical series, it is useful to use not only toys and objects that surround the child, but also to make simple didactic (educational) material.   Basket with mushrooms We cut out a large basket with a pocket. Now you can go for mushrooms or berries. Remember that there may be two types of mushrooms or berries in one basket. This is important for the child to understand the composition of the number

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Effective way of learning new numbers, слайд 5

Introduction to a new number You will need methodological materials. These can be felt figures, wooden products, cards or cubes. Similar products are sold in any bookstore or children's store. Each parent chooses a form that is convenient for themselves. To learn the numbers as quickly as possible, you need to let the child know exactly what they mean. For many children, especially if you started learning a little earlier than the recommended age, numbers are not associated with anything at all. These are just incomprehensible squiggles to the baby. To make children understand and distinguish them better, offer associative games or nursery rhymes with poems. In the latter case, figures in books or on cards are played by illustrators and turned into characters Each new number is entered by adding one to the previous one. You have one apple, I'll give you another one. You've got two apples. Similarly, they introduce 3, 4, 5 ... Adding (counting) to the previous one determines the place of the new number in the row. This is a very important condition for both explanations of the meaning of the number, and for the formation of ordinal counting skills.  We work out the composition for each number. So: 2 is 1 and 1; 3 is 1 and 2, 2 and 1; 4 is 1 and 3, 2 and 2, 3 and 1; etc. Here we will be helped by the made didactic material, as well as toys, household items, colorful geometric shapes cut out of cardboard, with which it's time to introduce the child. Arithmetic operations should be carried out only with the use of clarity - There are 3 yellow apples and one red apple on the tree. How many apples are on the tree? -There were 5 bananas on the tree. One fell to the ground. How many apples are left on the tree?

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Effective way of learning new numbers, слайд 6

Numbers up to 20 Next, you will need to teach a preschooler to count up to 20. This technique repeats the process of getting to know numbers. You need to visually add numbers in different combinations in front of him and show how many objects are hidden behind them. After that, start "losing" numerical designations and offer to look for their neighbors. Do this until the child remembers them and will not accurately indicate a part of the digital series. Numbers up to 100 Here you will need to explain to your son or daughter that there are dozens. Explain that all these numbers end in "0" and denote the next dozen numbers. First, study the round numbers: 20, 30, 40, 50 and so on up to 100. Later explain to the kid how the numbers inside the ten are formed. Correlation It is very important to teach the baby to correlate the number of items. You can play the game "how many". - Put as many apples as pears. How many apples did you put in? And how many pears were there? There are as many apples as there are pears. Apples and pears equally. - Let's build as many garages as you have cars. How many garages have we built? How many cars do you have? Cars and garages equally. It is useful to lay out an unequal number of items. For example, 3 blue cubes and 2 green ones. The child is asked if the number of blue and green cubes is the same? And which ones are more? Next, the cubes are laid out in pairs, 1 blue remains. How many more blue ones?

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Effective way of learning new numbers, слайд 7
Ordinal account It is necessary to teach ordinal counting only when the child understands the meaning of the formation of a new number (by counting / adding one to the previous one). Many parents mistakenly believe that knowledge of ordinal counting, say, up to a hundred, is enough to prepare for school. It is important to teach kids both direct and reverse counting, determining the place of a number in a row. The number before… The number coming after… The number that is between… Summarize the technique that allows you to easily and quickly learn numbers with your child is actually not complicated. In order for the baby to have a genuine interest in the learning process, you need to do everything in a playful way. To do this, there are already developed methodological materials and simple exercises that are understandable to many. It is necessary to study consistently and move on to a new stage when the child has mastered all the subtleties of the previous block of training
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