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International english
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International english, слайд 1
International English
Mirzakulova Sitora Alisher qizi SamSIFL, “International language and literature” 2-course Xolmanova Aziza Azamat qizi SamSIFL, “International language and literature“ 2-course

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International english, слайд 2

ABSTRACT   In this article the author tried to point out the main advantages and drawbacks of the interaction of different languages and cultures during the process of globalization and establishing English as a global language. What do the traditinal languages and cultures gain and lose? Does Anglo -American culture threaten the national uniqueness of other cultures? How should we preserve the richness of English and other world languages and support the intercultural communication?   Key words: communication, Integration, global, traditional, dominant, expansion, identity, originality, compromise.

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International english, слайд 3
Language is a reflection of human experience and knowledge, a way of receiving and transmitting information, the main condition and means of communication. The language is closely connected with the culture of the people, which is understood as a variety of material and spiritual values ​​that make up the life of the people who use one language in their communication. Language is a mirror of culture and a means of forming a native speaker. Language is contradictory, and the contradictory nature of language is manifested in the fact that it unites and separates people at the same time. Recently, the issue of choosing a single global language has been actively discussed. The introduction of a single global language attracts with the opportunity to solve many problems: 1) facilitate international communication; 2) reduce the huge financial costs of international organizations for translators; 3) promote the exchange of information and, consequently, the acceleration and improvement of scientific and technological progress, trade, and business. World public organizations - the UN, UNESCO, the World Health Organization and others - are in dire need of a common language of international communication. English claims this role, since its dominant role as a means of international communication is undeniable.

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International english, слайд 4
Object of study: English Purpose of the work: to investigate the reasons for the popularity of the English language and to establish its influence on modern man. The relevance: of the choice of this topic is due to the fact that English has become very popular all over the world as a global language of the world community. Already today, English occupies a very special position and is turning into a lingua franca - the language of interethnic communication of all mankind. The purpose of this work: is to explore the facts and prove that English is rightfully considered the language of world importance and therefore it should be studied. The practical value: of this work, in my opinion, lies in the fact that the materials I have collected can be used in English lessons to increase students' motivation to study it.

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International english, слайд 5
Main part Areas of distribution of the English language. The world population as of 2010 is 6.8 billion people. Of these, the number of people who speak English is 1.8 billion people, which is 26.5% of the population of the planet Earth. English is the mother tongue of approximately 400 million people. Countries where the vast majority of the population speaks English include: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - 58.1 million people, > 97% of the population; Ireland - 3.75 million people, > 97% of the population; United States of America - 215 million people, ≈ 77% of the population; Canada - 20 million people, ≈ 65% of the population; Australia - 15 million people, ≈ 80% of the population; New Zealand - 3.7 million people. ≈ 97% of the population. In addition, countries such as India, Liberia, Malta, South Africa, the Philippines and many others should be mentioned, where English is the second officially recognized language. In terms of the number of people using English as a second language, India and China are leading. Based on the above data, English can be called the language of interethnic communication without exaggeration.

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International english, слайд 6
English is the most useful language Politics. English is the most widely spoken language in the diplomatic world. The foreign policy of any state is communication between representatives of various powers. And it is English that is defined as the official and working language of the United Nations, UNESCO and even the European Union. All sorts of summits and meetings of heads of state, negotiations and forums are also held in English, where politicians who speak English perfectly, of course, have a huge advantage. As a result, it is with the help of the English language in the world that close cooperation between countries is realized. Economy. It is generally accepted that the dominant language in the economy is the language of the country that is on the rise. But the facts show that, even taking into account the possible recession of the US economy in the next half century and the development of other economic centers, especially in Asia, and given the desire of foreigners now to learn Chinese and Arabic, they will still need a single means of communication. The precedent has already happened and the consequences are irreversible - English will no doubt retain the honorary status of "lingua franca". English is also the language of international business. International trade, the operation of the banking system, the activities of the transport system on land, at sea and in the air are carried out in English. Pay attention to the fact that, in whatever country the goods are produced, they put the English inscription "MADE IN ..." on it. According to CERAN LINGUA, 70% of all business communications take place in English. And the largest corporations in the world, for example, the Toyota company, conducts English language courses right at the workplace.

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International english, слайд 7
English will come in handy everywhere: The scientific world conducts all scientific international conferences in English, as well as write scientific papers and exchange useful information. International sports competitions, including world championships and the Olympic Games, are also held in English. It is the official language of the world sports community. In the rapidly developing modern world, learning English is already considered an absolute norm and even a necessity. In the world of high technology, progress and globalization, it is simply nowhere without it, all the more you can study it even at home. English can help when applying for a job. To obtain a prestigious position in a large stable company, the language is a prerequisite, since many organizations have begun to work with foreign partners, negotiate with them and close deals, which is done in English. Travelers without a language will have a very hard time in other countries. Even if you are not going to an English-speaking country, and you do not know its language, there will always be people with whom you can communicate in English. With knowledge of the language will be comfortable in any country and any city. Many of our people consider it prestigious to get an education abroad. With knowledge of English, any of the most prestigious universities in the world are available, and with a diploma received, many foreign companies will be hired. Fans of classical literature will certainly like to read the imperishable works of Shakespeare or Conan Doyle in the original. Having learned English, you will open the whole world for yourself! With him, you will more easily achieve your goals, and there will be no doubt about his important role in society.

Слайд 8

International english, слайд 8

Conclusion So, one can talk endlessly about the role of the English language in the world. There is no doubt that English is an important component in the life of a modern person, and everyone can find for themselves more than one reason to study it and improve their skills. But half a century ago, English was just one of the international languages, along with others, adopted by the United Nations. According to the biblical legend, the construction of the grandiose Tower of Babel stopped due to a lack of understanding between people who spoke different languages. It seems that today humanity again has a chance to find a common single language, in the role of which English is already serving a large part of the world's population. If the saying "Knowledge is power" is true, then the true key to the source of that power, in my opinion, is learning English. Can you afford not to study English? According to scientists' forecasts, by 2015 half of the world's population will speak English, and the other half will learn it! Knowledge of a foreign language is a pass to the world of great opportunities. English is the language of the future! And no proof is required.

Слайд 9

International english, слайд 9

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