Презентация - Cubism and surrealism

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Cubism and surrealism
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Cubism and surrealism, слайд 1
Cubism and surrealism
Performed: 9th grade student Tsvetkova Veronika

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Cubism and surrealism, слайд 2
Cubism was а popular painting style from around the 1900s. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were two famous Cubist painters. They used Cubism to show people a new way of seeing the world. They looked at an object or person and broke it down into shapes. Then they put these shapes back together to make a picture which represented the original object even though it may not look very much like it anymore. They used shapes such as rectangles, cylinders and cubes. Most of their paintings were dark and used dull colours like grey and brown. This makes the painting seem to have many layers and so it can be seen from a number of different viewpoints.
What is cubism?

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Cubism and surrealism, слайд 3

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Cubism and surrealism, слайд 4
This painting is called «Violin and candlestick». Georges Braque painted it in 1910. It shows broken parts of violin and candlestick. The painter uses many dull colours such as grey and brown which give it a very gloomy feeling. This painting makes me feel quite sad.

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Cubism and surrealism, слайд 5

Artists such as Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte painted in the Surrealist style that was at its most popular from the 1920s to the 1960s. Surrealist paintings always have an element of surprise in them. They put strange images and ideas together to create strange representations of things. The Surrealists painted images and ideas from their dreams and their imaginations. They often used bright colours to create an even bigger impact and always showed people and objects in new and unusual ways.
What is Surrealism?

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Cubism and surrealism, слайд 6

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Cubism and surrealism, слайд 7
This painting is called «Departure of the winged ship». Vladimir Kush is the author of this picture. It shows a ship with butterflies instead of sails, sea and people with flags. The painter uses bright colours like blue, green, yellow and red. The painting makes me feel happiness, inspiration and lightness.

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Cubism and surrealism, слайд 8
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