Презентация - How do Elderly people live?

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How do Elderly people live?

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Старый волк знает толк
1. The devil knows many things because he is old
2. Old foxes want no tutors
4. Life is not bed of roses
3. You cannot put old heads on young shoulders
Старым лисам учителя не нужны
Головы стариков к молодым плечам не приставишь
Жизнь прожить не поле перейти

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The state is judged by its relation to children and the elderly

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New words
to suffer fear of (smth)
at a reduced price
below poverty level
испытывать страх…
по сниженной цене
ниже уровня бедности
to suffer from (smth)
страдать от чего-то
free of charge assistance
бесплатная помощь

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Elderly people

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The elderly
Good points
Bad points

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speak about… understand the information explain the problem say my opinion give arguments find necessary information express my attitude to…
Now I
Make up the phrases
know how

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1). Make up a plan of your future story about the elderly
Choose the hometask:
2). Write the composition about elderly people's problems
3). Do the project “The world. I world like to live in when I will be the elderly”

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Thank you!
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