Презентация - Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

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It’s snowing outside and it’s very cold

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The goose is getting fat

Слайд 7

The presents are ready

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Lots and lots of lovely presents

Слайд 10

It’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time!

Слайд 11

Laughing-and-singing-and-happy time

Слайд 12

Santa’s reindeer are waiting outside

Слайд 13

Rudolph, your nose is so bright

Слайд 14

Get ready, get ready this Christmas Eve night

Слайд 15

At John and Mary's house

Слайд 16

The children are sleeping in their beds

Слайд 17

Quiet, Santa! Watch your step

Слайд 18

Merry Christmas, Mary dear!

Слайд 19

Some milk and cookies

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Слайд 21

And a Happy New Year!