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Anastasiya Plaksina 11th form student school №1 Kurganinsk Krasnodar Territory
Why do I want to visit the Netherlands

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I want to visit the Netherlands, because it's my favorite country. It's beautiful

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The Netherlands is associated with tulips, windmills, Dutch cheese and world famous artists. I want to visit this country, because I like these things. Especially, I get excited at the sight of tulips. Dream of my life is to be in such beauty like a field strewn sea of ​​lovely flowers

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Another thing that I like in the Netherlands is their maritime location. In the country there is very dense network of rivers that converge on its mouth of the rivers Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt form a vast delta of the total shipping. And so, you can often see people moving on the rivers by water vehicles. And of course, I'll dream about it too

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Another reason why I want to visit the Netherlands is that this country is a native place of such famous artists as Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh. I love their works and I would like to visit their museums and learn more about their paintings

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The Van Gogh Museum has more than 200 paintings by Vincent, 500 images and over 700 letters. It also has a collection of Van Gogh's favorite Japanese prints. Some of the works were acquired after the opening of the museum, but the basis of its collection is still at a meeting that was saved by relatives of the artist. The museum also has a library and science laboratories, making it a center for the study of Van Gogh. Besides the works of the Van Gogh, there are pictures of his friends and some of the leading artists of the time.

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Rembrandt Museum in Amsterdam, in contrast to the Van Gogh Museum - is not primarily an art gallery, a restored apartment is a great artist. Nevertheless, here are some of his paintings and nearly all etchings. The museum also presents works by pupils of the great masters and friends of the artist, inspired by his art. Great Rembrandt, the Dutch representative of the Golden Age, bought the house in 1639 and had to sell it at auction for debts in 1658. The building was restored and opened as a museum on the Queen’s order Wilhelmina in 1911

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Also, I would like to visit another attraction of the Netherlands - Science Center Nemo. NEMO is the largest science museum in the Netherlands. In the late 80's the Museum was decided to reorganize so as to generate interest in science and technology for young people. It includes interactive exhibits and demonstrations through which children and young people will learn a lot of new and interesting things about the sound, light, electricity, and relativity. You can experiment with water, try to create a dam and turbines and offer your own version of alternative energy.

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Also, I would like to visit the most famous and visited park of the Netherlands - Vondelpark. It is the place where you can seclude yourself and feel the relationship with nature.

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Finally, the last reason why I want to go to the Netherlands. The country's most popular sport is football. During national broadcasts of football matches on television, the streets become empty life fades. The Netherlands soccer team is in the top ten of the world . I am fond of football. And often support the Netherlands national team at the world and European championships.

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Once again I remind you how beautiful this country is !

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Marvellous night in the Netherlands

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I think you will agree with me that this great country is really worth visiting.

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