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St. Alex’s school

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The main information
The type of school: SECONDARY MODERN SCHOOL The year of foundation : 1975 The address: 15 Oxford Street, London The number of children: 437 boys: 184 girls: 253 The age range: 11-16

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The geographical position

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The founder: Sir Ian McKellen

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The number of teachers: 72 Women: 51 Men: 21 The number of service staff: 34

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HEAD MASTER: Dr. Gerhard Obermayr  

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The number of classrooms: 23

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The timetable: fixed The compulsory schooling: from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 15.00 (30–32 hours every week)

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The broad curriculum

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Subjects: reading, writing, arithmetic, foreign languages, some elementary history, biology, geography, cooking, needlework, gardening, shorthand, typing, woodwork, metalwork

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Color: dark green Composition: jacket, jumper, skirt, stockings, bonnet, shoes (girls), jacket, jumper, pants, tie, hat, shoes (boys)

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Reward and punishment

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The kinds of punishment: collection of litter, withdrawal from lessons, putting «on report», telling the parents May be punished pupils, who skip classes, don’t do their homework, violate discipline and The School Charter

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The kinds of Reward:
Grants, scholarships, trips, Hall of Fame at the school
May be awarded pupils, who have excellent marks, are active in the life of school and class

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Exam: «O-level» exam of The general certificate of Secondary education (mathematics, English, foreign languages, geography, biology)

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A Very famous school for all over Europe

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