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Are you of age?
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Слайд 1

Are you of age?, слайд 1

Are you of age?

Слайд 2

Are you of age?, слайд 2

Life is not easy when you are 14. I have problems with my parents. They don`t understand me. When I wanted to find a part-time job not to ask for pocket money, they said-no, you are not old enough. They advised me to pay more attention to my study. If I go for a walk, I must be at home by 10 o`clock. They always ask me where and with whom I go out. I am not allowed to buy clothes for myself, they don`t let me listen to my favourite music, they say-it`s terrible. I often argue with my parents because of clothes, apartment cleaning, etc. I`d like my parents to treat me as an adult person. I`d like you to give me some advises. What shall I do? Do your parents always understand you? What do they let you do and forbid you to do? Please write me some words about it.

Слайд 3

Are you of age?, слайд 3
drive a car buy alcohol buy clothes I want marry have a gun stay out after 11 o`clock have a part-time job ride a motorbike smoke wear jeans at school watch a category 18 film drink bear or wine observe a curfew show a diary eat what I want make fiends who I want decide what to do after school
I am allowed or forbidden

Слайд 4

Are you of age?, слайд 4

I am\ we are.allowed to let forbidden to made

Слайд 5

Are you of age?, слайд 5

1. My parents allow me_________buy everything I want. 2. My parents want me_________study well. 3. They let me ______stay out till 11 o`clock. 4. I am forbidden_______get bad marks at school. 5. My parents make me_________show my school diary. 6. I am allowed _______ride a motorbike.

Слайд 6

Are you of age?, слайд 6
Test Yourself
1. My parents allow me________invite my friends home. 2. My parents make me_____help about the house. 3. They let me_____have a part-time job. 4. I am forbidden______marry. 5. My teachers want me_____do all my homework. 6. I am not allowed______drink alcohol.

Слайд 7

Are you of age?, слайд 7

Coming of age(совершеннолетие) the 18th birthday of a person, when they become legally an adult. At 18 British people are allowed to vote in election, get married without the permission of their parents, and buy and drink alcohol in a pub. In the US, either the 18th or 21st birthday might be thought of as a coming of age; at 18 people are allowed to vote and get married, but in many states you cannot buy alcohol until you are 21.
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