Презентация - "The great sights of England"

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"The great sights of England"
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"The great sights of England", слайд 1
" the great sights of England"
Prepared by: student 5 a form Schitova Angelina

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"The great sights of England", слайд 2
A little about this beautiful attraction
The wheel was created spouses architects David marks and Julia Barfield. However, their project for the construction of a Ferris wheel in the city centre not won a competition in 1993 the newspaper the Sunday times on the development of monumental structures for the new Millennium. As the project was never commissioned, then the couple-the architects decided to make it a reality for yourself. The finances were found through a chance meeting with neighbor Bob Elling, head of British Airways. Initially, the "London eye" was planned as a temporary structure. It was a kind of experiment, the permission for this project was issued for 5 years, which ended in 2005.The wheel is built of segments that were transported up the Thames on barges and collected in a horizontal position on special platforms on the river. When the wheel was finished, it was lifted into a vertical position with a special system of 2 degrees per hour until it reached 65 degrees. The total weight of steel in the "Eye" is 1700 tons.The London eye was originally called the Millennium Wheel, then British Airways London Eye, and later Merlin entertainment London Eye. Since January 20, 2011 for three years was called ELE Energy London Eye, as a result of a transaction with a sponsor[1][2].London eye booths London eye

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"The great sights of England", слайд 3
The London eye is a Ferris Wheel in London, located in the Lambeth area on the South Bank of the Thames. The largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Opened in March 2000
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