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Твои родители понимают тебя
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Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 1

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Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 2


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Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 3
“FATHERS and CHILDREN” is a problem of all times.
Today we are going to speak about relationships between children and their parents and problems in the family. There can be no doubt that relations between people are the most important for any person. I completely agree with those people who consider a family to be such a formidable unit without which a person can’t be protected or happy, confident or safe.That’ s why relationships between children and parents are so important. Some call conflicts in the family generation gap. “Generation gap is the difference in ideas, feelings, and interests between older and younger people, especially as a result of lack of understanding”.

Слайд 4

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 4

My happy family.
Leo Tolstoy once wrote “ All happy families are alike”. I believe it is true. When a family is happy it means that all members of the family trust each other, tell each other about their joys and sorrows. The family plays a very important role in everybody’s life. Labour achievements, mood and what is called happiness depend on family relation.

Слайд 5

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 5

Parents Children.want expect like allow ask make let don’t want don’t expect don’t like don’t allow.their children their parents.(to).be polite(intelligent, kind, friendly, honest, kind, hard-working, rude, stupid, lazy, forgetful, unhappy, unkind) be late for the classes; come home in time; study well; go in for sports; wash one’s hands before meals; help about the house; go to bed early; understand them; give them pocket money; buy them all they want; leave them alone; help them with the problems; control their every step; do homework every day; smoke; dance all night; drink strong drinks; listen to pop music all day long; wear all they want; Hang out with a bad company; prohibit everything;

Слайд 6

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 6
How did Alan’s mother and father treat the children when they did something wrong?
My mother and my father are very different people. Mum is always very calm; she doesn’t get excited. When we were small she almost never shouted at us. When we did something wrong she talked to us very firmly, but in a calm tone of voice. If we shouted and cried she made us go and sit by ourselves in our room until we calmed down. Dad, on the other hand, shouted and went for a long walk to try to cool off. During the next few days he was cross with us a lot of time, which upset us.

Слайд 7

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 7
Choose the statements that are true.
1. When we shouted and cried: Mother Father a) sent us to bed c)went for a long walk b) sent us to our room to sit d)didn’t pay attention by ourselves 2. When we did something wrong: Mother Father a) got very angry c) didn’t say a word b) talked to us about it firmly d) shouted at us

Слайд 8

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 8

Слайд 9

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 9
Express the same idea using the complex object.
1.I want (he) to be my friend. 2.They would like (we) to learn English. 3.They expected (she) to arrive at 6 p. m. 4.She doesn’t want (her daughter) to come home late. 5.Tom expects (I) to write a letter every week. 6.Our parents want (we) to be friends. 7.I’d like (you) to offer him help. 8.I don’t want (she) to read the letter.

Слайд 10

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 10
Use the complex object with or without to.
1.Tom’s parents want Tom _ make progress at school 2. They make him___work hard at his maths. 3.They rarely let him__go for a walk. 4.They don’t want him____go out late. 5. Tom would like his parents__pay attention to his needs. 6. Tom doesn’t want his parents___treat him like a baby.

Слайд 11

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 11
Match the two parts of the sentences.
1. Today conflicts between children and their parents are… 2..Conflicts with adults are… 3 I would like to tell you about problems… 4. One of the problems concerns 5. Parents don’t want their children… 6.They don’t like such things as red and blue hair… 7. They would like their child to make friends with honest boys and girls… 8.The same problem concerns relations… 9. They think they know what is better for their children… 10. Sometimes, disagreements become so huge… 11.But almost always they come back…
a) to hang out with a bad crowd. b) typical in teenagers’ life. c) which can cause conflicts. d) a classic case of misunderstanding between different generations. e) and studs and rings in different parts of your body. f)teenager fashion g) with the opposite sex h) because of life experience i) that teenagers leave home J) because teenagers with bad habits can spoil their child’s character and future. k) because they are not ready for independent life.

Слайд 12

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 12
1.What happens when there’s something on your plate at mealtimes that you don’t want to eat? a). You parents call an ambulance. b). They say: “You have to eat it- for your own good”. C). They say: “OK, don’t worry – have a really big bowl of ice-cream” 2. What do your parents say about coming home in the evenings? a). It doesn’t matter – you can come home when you like. b). You can only go out if at least three adults come with you. C). You must usually be home by a certain time, unless there is a very good explanation. 3. What do your parents say about the way you dress? a). You can wear anything you like, anywhere you like. b). You must wear exactly what everyone in your family has worn since the 14th century. c). You can wear modern clothes, but they like you to be neat and tidy. 4. What do they say about your music? a). You can’t play any music except Beethoven. b). They like to know what music you are buying. c). It doesn’t matter what you play – you can’t hear it.

Слайд 13

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 13

5.What are their feelings about television, videos and films? a). There are certain things they don’t want you to watch. b). Their own favourite film is BLOOD AND CAR ACCIDENTS and they asking to take them to see it. c). You must not watch any films, videos or TV until you are 35, and then a doctor must be with you. 6. How do they feel about school work? a). You can’t eat if you don’t get top marks in every test. b). They would like you to try your best. If you don’t get good marks all the times, it’s not so bad. c). What school work?

Слайд 14

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 14
Add your parents score.
1. a) 3 b) 2 c) 1 2. a) 1 b) 3 c) 2 3. a) 1 b) 3 c) 2 4. a) 3 b) 2 c) 1 5. a) 2 b) 1 c) 3 6. a) 3 b) 2 c) 1

Слайд 15

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 15
Let’s see what kind of parents you have got.
Score 6-10: Oh dear! Are your parents doing their job properly? They are a bit soft, aren’t they? You might think this is wonderful, but you need a few rules in life. Without rules you’ll grow up into a big softie too, and life will be a shock. Ask your parents to give you some rules and start telling you off more often. Score 11-14: This is good. Believe it or not. Your parents are thinking about you and your future and would like you to grow up happy and normal – and you probably will. It’s a strange world, isn’t it? Score 15-18: WOW! Your parents are very strict. If they really are this strict, then you are a member of a royal family or something, and all these rules are necessary for your safety. If not, try telling them that you don’t need that much protection. But you have to show them that you can be responsible and that you are beginning to think and act like an adult. Then they won’t worry so much.

Слайд 16

Твои родители понимают тебя, слайд 16

I want you to be happy!!!
A happy person is that who finds peace, consolidation and support with the dearest!
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