Презентация - Literary genres the pronoun one

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Literary genres the pronoun one
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Literary genres The Pronoun One
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4. The old man (murmur/shout) the name very quietly, he (screamed/ whispered) it into my ear 5. There is a (lonely/alone) place down this river. 6. John realizes that he was (lonely/alone) in the desert. 7. Why do you allow her to(shout/cry) at your friends? 8. Who is the (author/ writer) of this project?

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Answer the questions
Can you name a way books are divided? What does Genre mean? What book categories do you know?

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Types of books

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The pronoun ONE

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Ex 7 p 67

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Ex 8 p 62 Part B. Characterize two books (the first bok on a good side, the second one on a bad side) Your should mention the following points: The Author The type of book (fiction/non-fiction), the genre Recommend or don`t recommend 2) ex 17

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