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Flags and saints
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Flags and saints, слайд 1

1.Which British country is not represented on the Union Jack? 2.Who was Saint Andrew? 3.What countries is he the patron saint of? 4.Who is the patron saint of Ireland? What is he famous for? 5.Who is the patron saint of England? What is he famous for?
Андреева О.Л., МАОУ «Школа «Диалог», г.Пермь

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Flags and saints, слайд 2

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Flags and saints, слайд 3

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Flags and saints, слайд 4

The British flag
known as the Union Jack, is a combination of three flags:
The Saint Andrew’s cross The Saint Patrick’s cross and The Saint George’s cross

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Flags and saints, слайд 5
The Saint George’s cross is the English flag. Saint George is the patron saint of England. He was a soldier famous for saving the Princess Cleondinda from being eaten by a dragon. He wounded the dragon and took it back to the city of Silene on a lead like a dog. Saint George’s Day is celebrated on 23 April. Saint George is also the patron saint of Germany, Portugal and Greece.

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Flags and saints, слайд 6
The Saint Andrew’s cross is the Scottish flag. Saint Andrew, a fisherman, was one of the 12 apostles who followed Jesus Christ. Paintings of Saint Andrew often show him being killed on an X-shaped cross. Saint Andrew’s Day is celebrated on 30 November. He is the patron saint of both Scotland and Russia.

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Flags and saints, слайд 7
The Saint Patrick’s cross is the former flag of Ireland. Saint Patrick is patron saint of Ireland. He was born about AD 390. He converted the Irish to Christianity and is supposed to have got rid of all the snakes in Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17 March.

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Flags and saints, слайд 8

Great Britain is a constitutional Monarchy. The Queen is the Head of State.
Queen Elizabeth II became Queen and head of the royal family following her father’s death in 1952. In 1947 she married Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, then a serving Royal Navy Officer, who now bears the title of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
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