Презентация - The most polluted places in Russia

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The most polluted places in Russia
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The most polluted places in Russia, слайд 1
The most polluted places in Russia

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The most polluted places in Russia, слайд 2
The dubious title of the "dirtiest" city in Russia in terms of air quality in 2020 goes to Chelyabinsk. This is a large industrial city, which occupies the 13th place in Russia in terms of the number of products produced. Moreover, this production is heavy, metallurgy and mechanical engineering. These two industries are the main pollutants of urban air. The situation is also getting worse due to the fact that the weather conditions in Chelyabinsk can not be called favorable for the citizens. This means that the air movement is so weak that emissions accumulate in the lower layers of the atmosphere: industrial, car exhaust, steam, dust and smoke from periodic fires at a landfill located within the city. And all this hangs over the city like a thick blanket. In addition to environmental problems, Chelyabinsk also suffers from poor performance of public services. Local residents complain that the snow is not removed from the streets at all, and in the spring this leads to flooding with dirty meltwater of the streets. The slightest rain can lead to micro-flooding due to poor organization or lack of cleaning of storm sewers; moreover, in the new areas of the city of a million people, this very storm sewer is completely absent! There are practically no trees in the city, and the atmosphere of post-apocalyptic destruction is added by the garbage dump located in the city, which regularly burns.

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The most polluted places in Russia, слайд 3
The reason for the poor air condition in the city is effective managers. Over the past year, the Omsk Prosecutor's Office recorded more than 700 violations of the law on air pollution. Enterprises carried out unauthorized emissions, in several cases did not register as potential sources of pollution at all, did not pay attention to the requirements for reducing the number of emissions in the event of adverse weather conditions, etc.The saddest thing is that in about half of the cases, the perpetrators could not be found. The inspections also revealed many violations on the part of those who were supposed to monitor the air quality: the perpetrators were not searched for, and if they were found, they were not punished.

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The most polluted places in Russia, слайд 4
Nizhny Tagil
The words "easy to breathe" make the residents of this city smile ironically. Breathing in Nizhny Tagil has never been easy. In Soviet times, when the vast majority of" heavy " local enterprises were built, the environment was not too much cared for, so every year a huge amount of dust and harmful emissions were released into the air. Experienced Tagil residents could tell by the color of the "fox tails" of the open-hearths what the emission was this time: for example, if the shade is purple, then it is vanadium. Visitors were shocked by both the colorful stripes in the sky and the colored layered snow. The reduction in emissions was facilitated by the closure of several "heavy" enterprises in the early 2000s. However, there are still plenty of them left – a metallurgical plant, a car-building plant, and so on. Under the Clean Air program, it is planned to reduce the number of emissions by about 20% compared to 2017. In the meantime, the decline was about 11%.

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The most polluted places in Russia, слайд 5
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