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Cinema, слайд 1

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Cinema, слайд 2

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Cinema, слайд 3
Before I went to Russia last year I (to read) a lot about it. I found that your country (to change) so much. I (to hear) that Moscow became as an international city as London. I (to expect) that Russia is a cold country and I (to find) it was true. She (to be born) before the war (to begin). Captain Cook (to discover) the island before he (to die).

Слайд 4

Cinema, слайд 4

1.I(never/be) to France. 2. At the party I saw a friend who (see) V. Putin. 3. I don`t usually(cook) cakes, I buy them. 4. I don`t (feel ) like going anywhere. Look, It(rain). 5. Last year I(design) this bag. I`m sure it`ll be popular soon. 6. Mrs. White (work) when her daughter (phone) her. 7. Though I never (see) spiders I recognized them at once. 8. It(rain) the whole day yesterday. 9. The scientists (allow) me to help them and gave me the task. 10. They (make) a small fire, then (cook) a wonderful snack.

Слайд 5

Cinema, слайд 5
Write down these sentences in reported speech in the past tenses:
You are very intelligent. Where do you study? What are you reading? Have you seen the new film? When shall we meet again? Phone me tomorrow.

Слайд 6

Cinema, слайд 6
7. Masha said: «I usually spend my holidays in the south.» 8. She said: «I spent my holidays in the Crimea last year.» 9. Boris said: «I go to the south every year.» 10. He said: «I am going to a rest-home tomorrow.» 11. Ann said to us: «They haven't yet come.»
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