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Kazan State Power Engineering University
Students: Pozdnyakov K.A. Teacher: Aituganova J.I
Kazan 2022

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tell about USA
Tell about: Founding history Territory Population Politics Largest cities President

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Founding history
In 1492, Christopher Columbus rediscovered America for Europeans. This fact has already turned the fate of the continent, Europe and the whole world. The colonization of America began in 1565 with the Spanish colonies in Florida. Then the British, French and other Europeans began to arrive on the new continent.

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The United States is the fourth largest country in the world, its area is approximately 9.5 km² The United States borders Mexico to the south and Canada to the north. The US also has a maritime border with the Russian Federation. From the west, the territory of the United States is washed by the Pacific Ocean, from the east by the Atlantic, in the southeast of the United States is the Gulf of Mexico, the Alaska Peninsula from the north is washed by the Arctic Ocean.

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Аs of 2021, the population is 331 million people. The USA is a multi-ethnic country with whites, african-americans, asians, native americans and many others.

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Largest cities
Los Angeles
New York

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There are 2 main political parties in the USA

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The current forty-sixth president of the United States is Joe Biden, a representative of the Democratic Party. He was elected on January 20, 2021, beating previous President Donald Trump by 3%.

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