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Writing a review
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Слайд 1

Writing a review, слайд 1
Writing a review
Kiseleva Galina Nickel 10/02/2021

Слайд 2

Writing a review, слайд 2
Preparation for writing a book review
Firstly, it’s good to know some information about the author, his other books, his background. It will prepare you for reading the book. Read the book carefully making notes about the most important things in the book like the characters, theme and the plot. Establish the theme of the book. Usually there are two or three main themes. Relate themes to a contemporary situation and society and try to understand why the author chose these themes. See how they are blended in the book.

Слайд 3

Writing a review, слайд 3
Pay attention to the weak points of the book: what are they? Highlight the uniqueness of the book. What separates this book from the others of the same genre? Is the book success or a failure? Why do you think so? Now you are ready to write a review.

Слайд 4

Writing a review, слайд 4
First make a plan. Put your notes in a chronological order. Your plan is the skeleton of the review. It gives an overview of how the final copy should be. Secondly, write a heading. It includes the name of the book and the author. The theme is what the book is about. The most popular themes are:, money, revenge, business, death, leadership, betrayal, love, overcoming difficulties, good and evil, etc.

Слайд 5

Writing a review, слайд 5
Structure of the book is as following: -an introduction -a main body consisting of two paragraphs -a conclusion Introduction Explain who you are and what book you are writing about. What’s the author is famous for( if he is). Don’t reveal any plot details. The introduction should not contain any spoilers. It certainly gives the information about the book e.g. the title, the author, the genre.

Слайд 6

Writing a review, слайд 6
In the main body give a summery of the plot and your general comments on the plot. Does the author keep you guessing about the events in the book? Is the story predictable or keeps you in suspense? Does it gets you bored and lost at the point or gets you turning the pages on and on? What is your favourite part of the book? In the paragraph about the characters tell what your favourite hero is, why. How well did the author develop the characters? Do they feel real to you?

Слайд 7

Writing a review, слайд 7
In the conclusion you explain what you like or don’t like about the book. Compare the book with others of that kind. Write whether you recommend it to the readers or not giving your reasons. Mention if the book would be interesting for youth or demanding reader or whatever category of audience.

Слайд 8

Writing a review, слайд 8
Some tips
Don’t -rely on computer spell-checker write long complex sentences write long complex paragraphs Use many clichés Mind -tense of your story (present tense works best) -accuracy is important while interpreting the events of the book
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