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Kspeu presentation: historical personalities
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KSPEU Presentation: Historical personalities
Student: Mullin R.A. Teacher: Aytuganova Jh.I.

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Kspeu presentation: historical personalities, слайд 2
Gabdulla Tukay
The name of Gabdulla Tukay is known not in Tatarstan only but also far beyond its borders. He is known by everyone who appreciates Art and who loves Poetry. Creative work of Tukay is multifaceted: he is a poet and a publicist, a literary critic and a public figure. He did as much for the development of the Tatar poetry and culture as a whole, as Pushkin did for the Russian poetry and culture. The name of Tukay has been awarded to the State Philharmonic Hall, to the Prize awarded for the best literary works and works of art. A street in Kazan has also been named after Tukay.

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Musa Jalil
Musa Jalil is a Tatar poet. When the Great Patriotic War began, Musa was drafted to the military service. He got into an ambush of fascists. He wrote 115 works of poetry in prison. His notebooks with verses were kept by his friend, the imprisoned anti-fascist Andre Timmermans from Belgium. After the war Timmermans gave them to the Consul of the Soviet Union and the poems were returned to Motherland.. Musa Jalil was awarded Lenin Prize posthumously for the "Moabit Notebook" poetic cycle in 1957.

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Kspeu presentation: historical personalities, слайд 4

Galiaskar Kamal
Galiaskar Kamal was a Tatar playwright and actor. The Galiaskar Kamal Tatar Academic Theatre is the leading Tatar theater in Kazan, Russia. Named after the playwright Galiaskar Kamal

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Kspeu presentation: historical personalities, слайд 5
Salikh Zamaletdinovich Saidashev
Salikh Zamaletdinovich Saidashev (1900-1954) is a forefather of the Tatar professional musical creativity. He was the first Tatar composer, who used the forms of orchestra and choir as well as instrumental ensemble in his music specifically enriching the pentatonic scale with individual features and bringing forms of the Russian and the West-European music to the Tatar folklore.

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Kspeu presentation: historical personalities, слайд 6
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