Презентация - Человек, которым я восхищаюсь - параолимпиец Роман Петушков

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Работу выполнила ученица 9 класса МБОУ «СОШ №4» г. Сафоново Милашкина Елена Учитель : Жила Людмила Ивановна
муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №4» г. Сафоново Смоленской области Презентация по английскому языку на тему «Человек, которым я восхищаюсь - параолимпиец Роман Петушков»

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They say, that every teenager nowadays admires someone. Some of them are fans of rock singers, famous actors or even politicians. In fact, it is useful to admire someone with good qualities or someone doing worthy deeds. But I am fond of sports, and for me athletes who protect our country at the Olympic games are heroes.
I am Milashkina Elena. As you see, I am a teenager.

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I think that Paralympic athletes are the real heroes. They are such people who are able to overcome themselves, for whom the impossible things become possible.

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As for me , I admire Roman Aleksandrovich Petushkov. None of the paralympic athletes has not won so many medals as he!

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Roman Aleksandrovich Petushkov is a Russian athlete, skier and a biathlonist. He is the main Paralympic champion of Sochi 2014 and honored master of sports.
Now he thinks that he is a happy man, but the way to his happiness was very hard.

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Roman was born on the 18th of February in 1978 in Moscow. From an early age he was fond of sports. Most of all Roman loved skiing. Later he entered the Moscow state Academy of physical culture and successfully graduated it.

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In February 2006, a terrible thing happened with him. Roman Alexandrovich was hit by a truck on a deserted road. After this accident he had lost his legs, and it changed all his life.
His mother and his friends helped him to believe in himself.

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At the Paralympic games in Vancouver (Canada) in 2010 Roman Petushkov won silver medal in competitions in skiing and bronze medal in biathlon competitions. In 2014 at the Paralympic games in Sochi (Russia) he managed to collect six gold medals - three for the biathlon and three for ski racing.

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Roman is a real strong man because he has survived all difficulties and found his place in life. We can proud and admire him.

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Before complain that your life is hard for you and it is difficult to reach any goals, look at these people. And only after that try to say: “ Life is hard for me".

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Thank you for attention.