Презентация - At the Doctor’s (11 класс)

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At the Doctor’s

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Patient says
I have a splitting headache. I have a bad toothache. I have a stomachache. I am running a temperature. I have a bad cough. I have a sore throat.

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Patient says
I must have caught cold. I have a running nose. I have pain in my back. I have pain in my chest. I have pain in my side. I am feeling sore all over.

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The doctor says
Let me feel your pulse. Let me examine your throat. Let me listen to your heart and lungs. Let me diagnose the case. Let me prescribe some medicine. Strip to the waist. Breathe.

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Doctor diagnoses
You have the flu. You have quinsy. You have bronchitis. You have pneumonia. You have a cold.

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Doctor prescribes medicines
You must go to the chemist’s. You must buy some medicine. You must stay in bed. You must take a spoonful of this medicine three times a day. You must put mustard plusters on your chest and back. You must drink hot tea with honey and raspberry jam.

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Good morning, doctor! I feel bad/ill/well. What symptoms do you have? I have …… . Let me ……. . You have ….. . You must …… .

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Healthy Way of Life
The human body is much more complicated than any machine. No machine will work for 70 years or more, day and night, requiring only air, water, food, and a few simple rules.

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Healthy Way of Life
To promote healthy way of life we should avoid what’s bad for us and choose a balanced healthy diet. Different food contain different amounts and combinations of them: fiber, fat, sugar, salt, proteins.

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Eat less sugar, salt and saturated fat. Eat more fruit and vegetables, whole meal bread and other food rich in fibre. Eat regularly – your body needs a steady flow of energy. Drink five or six glasses of water per day. Get plenty of variety in your diet. If you want to lose weight, do it gradually. People, which lose weight quickly, usually put it back on quickly too.

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Healthy Way of life
Leading a healthy life depends on more than just food: physical activity, happiness, and climate are also important.

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Healthy Way of Life
You can go in for skiing, skating, table tennis, swimming, jogging, cycling and so on. Many people go in for sports at stadiums, sport grounds, swimming pools, skating rinks, football fields, skiing stations. For grown-ups there are a lot of clubs and keep-fit centers in where people go in for aerobics, fitness, shaping and so on.

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Healthy Way of Life
Also it is important to have rest in summer, to go anywhere at sea, in the south, be closer to the nature and not to be overworked.

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Healthy way of life
Even if your diet is rather unsatisfactory, keeping fit and enjoying life should help you live for long time.

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Down: 1)tablets, pills, special drinks that help you get better when you are ill. Across; 1)a serious illness affecting lungs that makes breathing difficult. 2)An instrument that tells you how hot or cold something is. 3)To say exactly what an illness is. 4)An illness when you have a bad cough and high temperature. 5)An illness that affects the bronchial tubes leading to the lungs. 6)A note from a doctor to a chemist to give some medicine to someone. 7)Sweet food that bees make. 8)Thing inside the chest that pumps blood round the body.

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1 P N E E U M O N I A
2 T T H E R M O M E T E R
3 D I A G N O S E
4 Q Q U I N S Y
5 B R O O N C H I T I S
6 P R E S C C R I P T I O N
7 H H O N E Y
8 H E A R T

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Work in a Group
How to be healthy?
You should do You shouldn’t do

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