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Welcome to Russia. Igrim
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Welcome to Russia

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Igrim is a very beautiful village

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nature is not inferior in beauty to the village

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It is founded in 1902 by the merchant Beshkiltsev on the left bank of the Northern Sosva River, but references to the village are also found in official documents of the 19th century. The main occupation of the inhabitants at that time was fishing. Later, in the early 30s, the exiles on the right bank of the river North Sosva built the village Igrim-Glacier, where the fish factory and the fish factory glacier were located. In 1950, Igrim-Lugovoy (Zyryansky) ceased to exist. Frequent floods washed away and Igrim-Glacier. The history of Igrim-Gorny begins. Modern Igrim was built in the 50s southeast of Igrim-Glacier on the mountain and was formerly called Igrim-Gorny

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Most of the village was built in the 70s-80s in the 70s-80s. For the 60s to the present, the settlement has increased in size by about five times in the direction of the Northeast (three times to the North and two to the East). In 1926, according to the population census, Igrim was a member of the Berezovsky Council, in 1932 Aneevsky Village Council was formed, later in 1959 renamed Igrimsky Village Council, and on December 3, 1964 Igrim received the status of a working village and the Igrimsky Village Council was established.