Презентация - Structure of a personal computer

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Structure of a personal computer
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Слайд 1

Structure of a personal computer, слайд 1
Kazan State Power Engineering university structure of a personal computer
Student: Lesovskiy V.A. Teacher: Aituganova Jh.I.    Kazan 21

Слайд 2

Structure of a personal computer, слайд 2
Target - show computer details TAsk: 1) motherboard 2) Power Supply Unit 3) CPU 4) RAM 5) graphics card 6) Network Card 7) Sound card 8) HDD 9) RAM

Слайд 3

Structure of a personal computer, слайд 3

Motherboard - a printed circuit board, which is the basis for building a modular device, for example, a computer. The motherboard contains the main body of the device, the processor, RAM, and additional interchangeable cards called expansion cards.

Слайд 4

Structure of a personal computer, слайд 4
Power Supply Unit
Power Supply Unit - a device designed to convert AC voltage from the mains into DC voltage for the purpose of powering a computer or server computer. To some extent, the power supply also performs the functions of stabilization and protection against minor disturbances in the supply voltage.

Слайд 5

Structure of a personal computer, слайд 5
Central processing unit - an electronic unit or an integrated circuit that executes machine instructions (program code), the main piece of hardware in a computer or programmable logic controller. Sometimes referred to as a microprocessor or simply a processor. The main characteristics of a CPU are: clock speed, performance, power consumption, norms of the lithographic process used in manufacturing (for microprocessors), and architecture.

Слайд 6

Structure of a personal computer, слайд 6
GPU - a device that converts a graphic image stored as the contents of computer memory into a form suitable for display on a monitor screen. Video cards are not limited to simple image display, they have a built-in graphics processor that can perform additional processing, removing this task from the computer's central processor.

Слайд 7

Structure of a personal computer, слайд 7
Network Card
Network Card - an optional device that allows the computer to communicate with other devices on the network. By constructive implementation, network cards are divided into: internal, external, built into the motherboard.

Слайд 8

Structure of a personal computer, слайд 8
SOUND CARD - additional equipment of a personal computer and laptop that allows you to process sound (output to acoustic systems and / or record). At the time of their appearance, sound cards were separate expansion cards installed in the corresponding slot. In modern motherboards, they are presented as a hardware codec integrated into the motherboard

Слайд 9

Structure of a personal computer, слайд 9
HDD - random access memory device (information storage device, drive) based on the principle of magnetic recording. It is the main storage of data in most computers. Unlike a floppy disk, a storage medium is usually combined with a storage device, a drive, and an electronics unit. Such hard drives are often used as non-removable storage media.

Слайд 10

Structure of a personal computer, слайд 10
Random Access Memory - in most cases, a volatile part of a computer memory system, in which executable machine code (programs) is stored during computer operation, as well as input, output and intermediate data processed by the data processed by the processor. The data contained in the semiconductor random access memory is only accessible and retained when the memory modules are energized. Turning off the power of the RAM, even for a short time, leads to the loss of stored information

Слайд 11

Structure of a personal computer, слайд 11
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