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Kspeu. Nuclear energy
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Student: Valiullina Alina Teacher: Aytuganova J.I
Kazan 2022

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Aim and tasks
Application of nuclear energy

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Nuclear energy
Nuclear energy (atomic energy) is the energy contained in atomic nuclear and released during nuclear reactions and radioactive decay. In nature, nuclear energy is released in the stars, and man is used mainly in nuclear weapons and nuclear power, in particular, at nuclear power plants.

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The splitting of uranium atoms generates nuclear energy. The heat from this fission process is used to drive a turbine to generate electricity. The operation of a nuclear reactor and the related electric generating equipment is only one part of an interconnected set of activities.

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The production of a reliable supply of electricity from nuclear fission requires mining, milling, and transporting uranium; “enriching” uranium and packing it in appropriate form; building and maintaining the reactor and associated generating equipment; and treating and disposal of spent fuel. These activities require extremely sophisticated and interactive industrial processes and many specialized skills.

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Application of nuclear energy
Forced nuclear fission (it is used in nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, nuclear power plants have solved the problem of ships with an unlimited navigation area, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and, during normal operation, carries significantly less risks to the environment than other types) Thermonuclear fusion (it is used in a hydrogen bomb. The problem of controlled thermonuclear fusion has not yet been solved, but if this problem is solved, it will become an almost unlimited source of cheap energy.) Spontaneous radioactive decay (it is used in long-lived heat sources and beta-galvanic cells.)

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Although in any field of energy the primary source is nuclear energy (for example: the energy of solar nuclear reactions, in hydroelectric power plants, solar power plants and power plants running on organic fuels; radioactive decay energy in geothermal power plants), nuclear energy refers only to the use of controlled reactions in nuclear reactors. Nuclear energy is produced in nuclear power plants, used on nuclear icebreakers, nuclear submarines; Russia is implementing a program to create and test a nuclear rocket engine, the United States has discontinued a program to create a nuclear engine for spacecraft, in addition, attempts have been made to create a nuclear engine for aircraft (atomolets) and "atomic" tanks.

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